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The New Stimulus Package and Your School—Round 2

School Heads // January 10, 2021

The new $900 billion relief bill, signed into law on December 27, 2020, is called the Consolidated Appropriations Act. The bill includes direct payments to individuals, expands unemployment benefits, and reopens the popular Paycheck Protection Program. It provides funding for schools, childcare, and vaccine distribution and administration. It also includes rental assistance, nutrition assistance, and grants for theaters and other live event venues.

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Risk Management: A Four-Step Framework

Business and Operations // December 13, 2020

When you consider risks to your school, you may think of intruders, active shooters, and natural disasters—now pandemics. If the pandemic (largely unforeseen and unplanned for) has proven anything, it’s that risk management must be more than a checklist that you scan once a year. Instead, risk management must be integrated into an administrator’s daily tasks—starting with due diligence and awareness.

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How to Measure Success in the 2020–2021 School Year

School Leadership // December 13, 2020

In a typical year, balancing strategic goals with daily concerns is challenging. With COVID-19, it's more complicated than ever before. Due to the challenges of this non-typical year, school priorities must change. As School Head, you must re-examine your school-year goals.

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Lessons Learned From the COVID-19 Pandemic

Academic Leadership // December 13, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many hardships for schools and families. However, a small silver lining of this time has been the moments of reflection it has afforded. When the pandemic drastically changed the very basics of education delivery, everything was upended. Now, nine months later, teachers and leaders can reflect on what does and does not work in schools today. As we share the silver linings we’ve discovered, we encourage you and your team to reflect on your own experiences to plan for the future.

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How to Make Sound School Decisions

School Heads // November 22, 2020

School leaders continue to be tested in these uncertain, unprecedented times. As COVID-19 cases rise around the world, you are probably facing tough decisions every day. It’s important to understand how to consider all angles and come to the best conclusions. We recently published five barriers that can impact decision-making. Today we’ll cover methodologies you can use to think through issues at hand and make sound decisions that support your students and school.

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Boost Engagement and Build Community With Virtual Events

Enrollment Management // November 22, 2020

Hosting a community-building event in the wake of COVID-19 may seem like an impossible task. But in our current environment, building a community is more important than ever. Here are five ideas for your next virtual community-building event.

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Five Tips for Writing Effective Volunteer Job Descriptions

Fundraising // November 22, 2020

Once you have published your Guide to Giving and Getting Involved and have identified your school’s volunteer needs, it is time to develop job descriptions for each position. Well-crafted job descriptions help you match the required work with qualified individuals. You also have a reliable estimate of the time, resources needed to be successful, and a set of metrics you can use to celebrate your volunteers’ success. Include the following points when creating your job descriptions.

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Your Questions Answered: What Disruption Has Taught Us

Academic Leadership // November 15, 2020

We’re back to answer more questions we’ve received from teachers and academic administrators about the pandemic’s impact on teaching and learning. Many want to know what has changed since the pandemic began and where private schools are going from here.

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