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Board Clarity—Leading Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Board of Trustees ● August 9, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for independent schools. The urgent, overwhelming, and ever-changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic is causing Boards to consider operational issues typically reserved for the School Head and Leadership Team. The most pressing concern, reopening the facility, is such an issue. It is vital that Boards and School Heads work together to make the right decisions.

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Five Barriers That Can Impact Your Decision-Making

School Leadership ● August 9, 2020

School Heads have found themselves grappling with making decisions in the face of unprecedented uncertainty—the biggest of which may just be whether or not to reopen your school’s physical campus. The rules of the game are changing by the hour. Alas, decision-making cannot be avoided, especially during a crisis. Heads who must make important decisions under duress need to recognize problems that can affect the quality of their decision-making.

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Scheduling Concerns for the 2020–21 School Year

Academic Leadership ● July 26, 2020

Distance learning requires a modified schedule to meet the unique needs of remote education—you cannot simply mirror your on-campus schedule for distance learning at home. This article provides some insight on how to plan your schedule for the coming year.

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Building Your Annual Fund During COVID-19

Fundraising ● July 26, 2020

The annual fund is the foundation of your school’s philanthropic program. Even in uncertain times, your school should continue to fundraise for the annual fund. Here's how to ensure your efforts are effective.

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What Every Private School Must Know for the 2020–21 School Year

School Heads ● July 19, 2020

ISM recently conducted a survey to better understand how parents feel about their private school’s transition to distance learning this spring. One thing is clear. When it comes to distance learning and family satisfaction in the new school year, schools will be held to a much higher standard.

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How Development Offices Should Respond to BLM, Black@, and Voices for Change in Their Schools

Fundraising ● July 19, 2020

Most recently, the national conversation about racial inequality has dominated Most schools’ social media and internal communication channels. It has mandated a proactive response from Boards and administrations. As a development professional, you are often the “gatekeeper” for both the school and constituents who support it. What actions should you take that contribute positively to your school’s response and serve the concerns of your constituents?

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