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    Offering Voluntary Benefits to your faculty and staff is one way to expand your school’s benefit portfolio without expanding your budget. Whether or not your school offers medical benefits or has opted to send employees to the government exchanges, Voluntary Benefits can help you protect those who protect your students.

Recent Articles

Operation Keep Your School Safe—Stereotyping School Shooters

Just as we posted an article claiming gun violence was on a decline, another school shooting rattled news media and saddened viewers' hearts around the nation. On October 24, 2014, Jaylen Fryberg sent text messages to friends (including two cousins who were also students) inviting them to join him for lunch in the Marysville–Pilchunck High School cafeteria in Washington State. Sitting together, Fryberg opened fire on his friends with a .40-caliber Beretta handgun that belonged to a family member before turning the gun on himself.

Ask ISM's Risk Manager

Q: We’re preparing an updated Risk Management plan for 2015. Our committee has really done some great work thus far, seemingly engaged with the task. However, they’ve reached a tricky segment defining and revising the Vendor section. They reached out to me for insight as I’m the Business Manager and can at least provide them with a list of different vendors we have relationships with. But, I’m curious, what should be in a contract when using vendors? What should I be looking for when they propose it for approval?

Winter Storm Survival Checklist

The holiday season is also the start of nasty winter weather warnings. Fifty percent of the country has already seen its first taste of snow, ice, and flooding, and predictions are calling for another active season. Here are some tips and guidelines for preparing your school for the months ahead.

A Different View on Head Lice Policies

We guarantee that you’ll start scratching your head at some point during this article. Why? Because we're talking about head lice.

Comprehensive Interviewing: In-Person Interviews

Every employer wants to hire the best candidate for an open position, but private-independent schools must be even more discriminating than just aiming for the best. After all, hiring for mission-appropriateness requires more careful scrutiny of a person’s character and bearing than simply checking off requirements from a resume. So the in-person interview is an essential part of every hiring process.

But, if the importance of this interview has you working yourself into a tizzy trying to craft the best interview question or considering how your body posture could intimidate candidates, take a deep breath. In a previous article, we gave you some advice on handling phone interviews. This month, we’ve compiled some quick in-person interviewing tips to make your interviews successful and as stress-free as possible.

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