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Recent Articles

Attracting and Retaining Millennials: Rethinking Your School Values

Attracting the brightest faculty and staff has been a conversation point with schools for as long as school doors have been open. Your families want the best for their children—you want the best for your students. However, including, “Now hiring the best and brightest” in your job descriptions simply isn’t enough.

Ask ISM's Risk Manager

Q: We’re in the middle of updating our school’s risk plans. While we’ve polished most of it, our teams are struggling somewhat with lockdown procedures. Does ISM have any lockdown guidelines we can consider as we continue revising?

My Dog Ate My Creative Sick Day Excuse

It’s the holiday season. Although schools have liberal holiday vacation time, it's also a time of year where stress, overwhelming to-do lists, and an avalanche of other reasons trigger employees’ cashing in some of their sick time. Surveys show that December is the most popular month for calling out of work. While nine in ten employees say they have never faked being sick during the holidays, there’s still that one in ten employees who will cash in some unused time to catch up with the bustle of the season and their own mental health.

Caring for Your School’s Volunteers

Volunteers are vital to your school, but especially to the Development Office. These people represent those who believe so much in your school’s mission and what it’s accomplishing in your community that they’ll freely offer their time, talents, and dedication to further your school’s goals.

While you need volunteers to help your school function, your volunteers also need certain things from you to ensure their success and to keep them coming back to help in the future.

The Three Questions That Lead to Meaningful Donor Stories

Storytelling lies at the heart of every successful annual fund or capital campaign. Everyone wants to hear how the school changed the lives of its students and their families, coupled with an inspirational call-to-action to help the school continue to bring its mission to more people. Getting those stories, though, can sometimes feel like panning for gold—Lots of work for a single nugget you can use—but it doesn’t have to be that way.

This month, we’ve got three questions to ask your school’s key stakeholders to find those shining stories.

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