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Recent Articles

Securing Student Files

Some of the most sensitive files your office manages are your student files. Grades, personal information, and health information pertaining to each of your students must be as secure as your employee files. Yet, unlike your employee files, certain student records also need to be accessed regularly by key faculty and staff.

Ask ISM's Risk Manager

Q: Our school carries several insurance policies. We’re trying refocus our risk management protocols. Is there one insurance policy that you think is essential?

The GREAT DREAM: International Day of Happiness

On March 20, 2015, the world celebrated International Day of Happiness by answering the question, “What really makes me happy?” Take a moment to think about that question. Does more than one answer pop into your mind? We’re going to guess that several things danced to the forefront of your thoughts because when you really stop to think about what matters most, your personal recipe for happiness probably isn’t as simple as one ingredient.

The Absolute Worst Interview Questions—And What to Ask Instead

Any lawyer can tell you which interview questions to avoid due to liability concerns, but some legally permissible questions still make applicants’ teeth grind when asked. Many of these questions seem like smart things to ask, but rarely give you any added insight into the applicant as a future employee.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the top five worst interview questions to ask an applicant—and what you should ask instead.

Leading the Leaders

School Heads often find themselves in the position of “leading leaders”—that is, guiding people who are used to having the final say in their areas of expertise. A team of leaders understands the importance of getting things done and hammering out logistics. With them, you pit the best of the best against the problems your school faces. That same team can also devolve into a mosh pit of powerful personalities, all needing the last word.

Whether your team becomes a league of private school superheroes or a catfight depends largely on how you frame and guide your leaders.

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