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Recent Articles

8 Must-Have Student Resources for Writing and Researching

Writing and researching are two of the most important skills students can learn before their college years. Yet, everywhere—from brief op-eds in Psychology Today to full-fledged debates in The Atlantic—discussions on our students’ poor literacy rates and declining academic integrity abound. Some demonize technology for the declining ability of students to compose a paragraph, but why not embrace the new tools available that grant access to some of English’s deeper mysteries? We’ve found eight great resources that—with a little guidance—could greatly enhance your students’ writing and research skills, both at your school and in their future communicative endeavors.

Teachers Sell Lesson Plans for Extra Income

Who owns your teachers’ lesson plans—the teachers who write them, or the school that employs them? The answer might be more complicated than it seems, especially when teachers begin selling their classroom resources online for extra income.

Viral “I Wish My Teacher Knew” Exercise Builds Trust, Community

How do you build a rapport with students? Fairness, kindness, and constancy all build a young person’s trust in the adults he or she works with. One third grade teacher in Denver, Colorado, decided to offer an empathetic ear to her students—and the results were nothing short of heartwarming.

Join the Conversation: Best Online Education Conversations to Follow

The “social” half of “social media” is more than the latest cat videos crowding your home feed or posting your child’s birthday party pictures in a public album for every second cousin to like. A lot of earnest, constructive conversation occurs on online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, tackling everything from the latest news headlines to standardized testing. If you’re like to be a part of the latest conversations surrounding education and stay up-to-date on the latest best practices, we’ve curated a list of what we think are some of the most active and productive conversations online.

Defining “Normal”: Double-Edged Diversity Initiatives in Private Schools

The death of Freddie Gray not only revitalized discussions of race relations in America, but also engendered the re-emergence of the “diversity dilemma” at private-independent schools around the country. Many schools work hard to promote diverse campuses, believing that a homogeneous community of staff and students will stagnate without infusions of fresh perspectives and diverse experiences.

Still, diversity extends beyond race or income level. We found a TEDx talk given by education consultant Derrick Gay that brings a refreshing perspective to an old topic. Listen to his talk, and see if any of his experiences echo your own.

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