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Recent Articles

Facilities: More Than a Line Item

Having dedicated faculty is one of the biggest—ISM research indicates that it’s the biggest—indicator of student success and satisfaction. But little learning can be done in facilities that aren’t conducive to learning, as the Detroit Public Schools have found out. After recent teacher “sick outs” shutting down dozens of schools to protest lack of support and resources, news exposés have revealed serious health and safety threats to students due to deteriorating buildings.

Ask ISM's Health Care Reform Specialist

Q: We give our employees who do not take our health insurance an additional $100 a month. I am now told that this will go against us when we talk about the cost of health insurance. Why am I being penalized for this policy?

10 Compliant Midyear Hiring Practices

Midyear hiring emergencies happen, well, at any time. An employee may need to leave with little or no time to prepare a replacement. To minimize the amount of downtime your school experiences during one of the busiest times of the year while mitigating potential risk of lawsuits, make sure your search aligns with these best hiring practices.

Managing Bias on Campus

Being biased is a natural part of being human. Our experiences, culture, and lifestyles have shaped our conscious and subconscious biases. However, when it affects decision-making and disrupts your school’s culture, it becomes problematic—possibly, legally problematic.

Schools especially are driven to cultivate an environment of diversity and difference. As empowering as diversity can be, these natural biases can also make your school vulnerable to biased situations without proper guidance, nurturing, and education/HR training.

​Burnt Out Parents. Burnt Out Employees.

Schools don’t allow for much faculty and staff flextime. Your students need your faculty and staff to be there when they’re on campus, and planned events must happen when they’re scheduled. Managing employees from a local coffee shop just isn’t possible. Yet, according to a survey done by Bright Horizons Family Solutions, 98% of parents say they are burnt out—and it’s affecting their views on their careers.

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