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Recent Articles

Students Skipping Grades: A Judgment Call

With generally more involved parents and dedicated teachers, students in private schools often deftly complete work that would challenge their public school peers a year or two their senior, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. But what do you do when you have a student who’s exceptional even in this elite environment, and his or her parents request that you bump their child to the next grade level?

Is Your School Secure? Online Filters and Firewalls, Part One

California is about to make history by passing the strictest rules governing students’ online data in the country. Once the governor signs the legislation, Senate Bill 1177 will ban targeted Web advertisements based on educational data and unnecessary “student” profiles in the Golden State. The bill makes student information such as personal demographics, sports participation, grades, and health files off-limits for advertisers' use.

Schools across the country—both public and private—struggle to stem the leak of student information to data-mining companies, as well as stop students from exposing themselves to inappropriate sites. One solution has been firewalls and filters that block sites deemed dangerous to either the network or the student-user. There are several types of website filters available for school use, and as the first of a two-part series on Internet security, we’ll talk about the common firewalls and filters used by schools and how they work.

Your Introduction to Annual Fund Videos

It’s another school year at your private-independent school, which means it’s time to introduce a new set of families to your annual fund campaign—to start educating them on how important their gifts are to the school at large. Many schools have adopted short, easily digestible videos as their primary explanatory platform. Posted on the school’s social media accounts and shown during parent gatherings, these videos can quickly explain both the existence and importance of community participation in the annual fund.

Not feeling especially tech-savvy or inspired for your own video? Let’s look through five annual fund videos produced by private schools of all shapes and sizes to get ideas for your school’s annual fund introduction.

4 Viral Campaign Lessons From the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

(Primary image credit to David Phillip/AP Press)

The ice bucket challenge issued by The Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association was simple. Either participants donate a small amount to The ALS Association and film themselves dumping a bucket of ice water on their heads while publically “calling out” others to do the same, or donate a slightly larger altogether to avoid a filmed dunking. The challenge basically took over the Internet, creating a viral sensation that has garnered The ALS Association almost $100 million in donations. (In comparison, they raised $2.7 million in the same time frame last year, some 3400% increase in donations.)

Like The ALS Association, your private-independent school strives for increased donations from generous people to impact the lives of young students. If you’d like to mimic The ALS Association’s success, scroll down for some lessons to take from their viral marketing campaign to adopt for your own initiatives.

7 Admission Videos You Don’t Want to Miss

Pictures get more attention than text—why do you think Vine and Pinterest have taken off? That’s aside from the wild success of YouTube and the resulting interest in video for multimedia marketing campaigns. But video can be an intimidating medium to try for an admissions campaign. For your viewing pleasure, then, we’ve found seven private-independent school admission videos to inspire your own video campaign and show what can be done on various size budgets.

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