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Recent Articles

Smile for Donations

In 2014, online megastore Amazon boasted nearly $90 billion in net sales. It currently hosts 54 million “Prime” shoppers subscribing for special deals and the coveted 2-day free shipping option. And now, using the AmazonSmile program, a percentage of those sales can go toward your nonprofit private-independent school.

Three TED Talks for Development Directors

A dose of inspiration can be the best cure to the winter blues, which sap our motivation and creativity. To re-energize you for the second half of the academic year marathon, we found three motivational videos for you to watch over your lunch break (or during your afternoon sanity check).

Two (More) Reasons Why Families Leave Your School

In our last Source issue, we discussed two root causes why parents may choose to withdraw their children from your school: safety concerns and “financial reasons.” This month, we’d like to take a look at two more reasons why re-enrollment is a top priority for your Admission Office this spring. While these aren’t the only problems to watch out for and address during your re-recruitment, they’re certainly common enough to warrant special attention as you continue to court your currently enrolled families for the 2016-2017 academic year.

7 Ways to Host the Best “Accepted Student Day” Ever!

While your Admission Office is busy determining who will receive a coveted invitation to attend your school in the 2016-2017 academic year, it’s time to start thinking about how you will convince those accepted students to attend your school. Accepted Student Days are a great way to continue to court those families you’ve determined are mission-appropriate by welcoming them to your campus for a special, accepted-students-only reception, encouraging them to build relationships with current families and faculty.

Make your Accepted Student Day an unforgettable event and a wonderful recruitment tool with these seven tips.

Facilities: More Than a Line Item

Having dedicated faculty is one of the biggest—ISM research indicates that it’s the biggest—indicator of student success and satisfaction. But little learning can be done in facilities that aren’t conducive to learning, as the Detroit Public Schools have found out. After recent teacher “sick outs” shutting down dozens of schools to protest lack of support and resources, news exposés have revealed serious health and safety threats to students due to deteriorating buildings.

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