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Recent Articles

Diversify Your Applicant Pool—The Right Way

On our Admission e-List, discussion bloomed over the right way to attract more diverse applicants for various grade levels. Encouraging a diverse, accepting culture is a primary goal of many schools’ recruiting efforts, representing part of a school’s overall mission to create inclusive environments and help its students become citizens of the world.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some tips for those who’d like to diversify their applicant pool while keeping their school’s mission at the heart of all recruitment efforts.

Getting Students Involved in Social Media Efforts

Generating social media content that resonates with your school’s varied audiences requires time, energy, and inspiration. If you need extra hands to help create your school’s posts, updates, and graphics, involve those for whom the internet has been a second home: your students!

To get your communication intern program started off on the right foot, Stacy Jagodowski—the Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications at Cheshire Academy and recent School Spotlight recipient—offers a few words of wisdom.

School Spotlight: Cheshire Academy Shares Social Media Secrets

When we first met Stacy Jagodowski, the Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications at Cheshire Academy, during our Advancement Academy, we knew we had to talk to this social media maven. Her deft, enthusiastic participation in our Twitter contest is an example every school administrator should follow when it comes to participation on social media.

So, in this month’s School Spotlight, you’ll learn how she and Cody Barbierri, the Assistant Director of Social Media Marketing, use their social media savvy to spread and share Cheshire Academy’s mission as a student-centered school that—in Stacy’s own words—exists to “meet students where they are, and take them beyond where they imagined possible.”

FAST Answers to Financial Aid Questions

Q: I’ve often heard ISM say that financial aid awards should be “mission appropriate.” While the idea “feels” right, I’m having a hard time visualizing what it looks like in the real world. Can you explain?

LinkedIn for Administrators, Part Two: Your Activity Wall

In the first addition of our LinkedIn article series, we discussed how to make the most out of your profile by sprucing up your Summary and Experience sections. This month, we’re going to walk you through one of the most intimidating-yet-enriching parts of this professional media behemoth: The Activity Wall.

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