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FAST Answers to Financial Aid Questions

Q: Can you share any tips for an effective financial aid appeal process?

School Spotlight: The Christ School’s One Great Day of Service

The Christ School, a K-8 interdenominational Christian School, delivers its mission of “scholarship, service, and leadership” not only to its students, but also to the poorest and neediest of its community. Hoping to bring awareness of their unique community service efforts in downtown Orlando, Head of School Dr. Jason Powell contacted our chief editor via Twitter for the opportunity to be featured as our school spotlight. We're thrilled to share how The Christ School delivers its mission of service in the heart of the city.

Eight Outrageous Book Bans

Banned Book Awareness Week is from September 27 through October 3, encouraging people to celebrate their right to read controversial ideas and formerly condemned texts. In honor of that noble cause, we’ve collected a list of eight books that were banned from American schools for reasons that are occasionally incomprehensible and often hilarious.

Ask ISM’s Risk Manager

Q: Our broker keeps mentioning Cyber Insurance. We’re not a technology-focused school, although we do offer some advanced computer-based courses, and so I’m struggling to understand how we would benefit from this extra protection. For the cost associated with this coverage, I need some solid reasoning to bring to my School Head as to why we should consider purchasing it. Is this coverage worth carrying for schools not immersed in computer science?

Sexual Misconduct on Campus Part II: Background Checks

In Vol. 5. No. 8, we published Part I of this series on sexual misconduct. We started the series with an overview of common terms and external resources, laying the foundation to help schools create policies and protocols. In this second part, we’re going to focus on combating sexual violence with comprehensive background checks.

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