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Recent Articles

“Practice” Snow Days

With winter weather quickly approaching—and Buffalo, New York, covered in several feet of snow—Cathedral High School in St. Cloud, Minnesota, decided to test its emergency weather protocols before it’s a real issue. A “practice snow day” was scheduled for November 21 using technologies and lessons designed specifically for at-home learning.

Keep Your School Safe From Sexual Assault

Sex scandals shake the foundations of the private schools at which they occur, but sexual misconduct can happen at any sort of school at any time—private, public, and charter alike, from K-12 schools to higher education. In fact, one Associated Press investigation found that more than 2,500 educators over five years were punished for sexual misconduct, and that's just those who were caught. As School Head, it’s your job to make student safety a priority for every school employee through policies, staff training, and security procedures.

Paying for Recess: Families Transfer to Private Schools for Recess

Think back to your earliest school memories. Chances are, instead of a classroom of desks, you remember swing sets, impromptu races, and squabbles over who gets that color of chalk next for the hopscotch grid. However, recess is more than a mere repository of happy memories. Time and time again, research has shown that regular, active playtime is a crucial part of a student's education.

Despite this, many public school districts are slashing their recess periods with no replacements—and many parents across the country are transferring to private schools to keep their children on the playground.

Technology in the Classroom at St. Margaret’s

In the last edition of Private School News, we featured St. Margaret’s Episcopal School and its work using massive open online courses (MOOCs) to bring its mission to students around the world. As it turns out, St. Margaret’s took advantage of advancements in learning tools long before edX reached out to secure their expertise for their high school courses. Lynn Ozonian, the school’s Director of Innovation and Technology, spared a moment to talk with us about some of the clever ways St. Margaret’s uses technology in their classrooms.

Faculty as Donors

“100% faculty participation.” That phrase has a nice ring to it, especially when you’re trying to encourage donations from parents, alumni, and other philanthropic folks. It shows that your school’s employees feel so strongly in the school’s mission and what it’s accomplishing for its students that they’re willing to give back part of their own paycheck to support the institution.

Achieving full participation can be difficult. Sometimes life costs more than people anticipate, making spare funds scarce. Perhaps your teachers already feel like they give enough of their time and resources to their school, and so you encounter some friction when asking again. These obstacles can be overcome with hard work, however. Here are some ideas for encouraging all of your faculty to give to the annual fund or capital campaign this year.

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