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Recent Articles

Five Key Reasons to Develop a Head Evaluation Process

When it comes to evaluating the School Head, many Boards simply avoid the process. Their rationale is, “Everything’s fine! Why take on another time-consuming, bureaucratic task?” In other schools, the Board President distributes an all-purpose leadership ratings form of some sort, tallies the results, and sets up a meeting with the Head to make a few suggestions. Neither tactic proves helpful for the School Head looking for direction and support.

So, why go to all the trouble of setting up a true evaluation process—forming a Head Support and Evaluation Committee (HSEC), determining criteria and method, putting it into practice, and fine-tuning it yearly as ISM suggests? Here are five key reasons.

When the School Head Leaves "Under a Cloud"

Sometimes a change in school leadership is the result of an abrupt rupture in the relationship between the Board and the School Head. In such a situation, the Board must act quickly to reassure all constituencies there will be a graceful transition.

What’s On Your Printer?

Data security risks are typically thought of as unsecure Web-based software, outdated servers, viruses, and poor password maintenance. Yet, data risks extend beyond your computer files and cloud storage. All the things you copy in the office—tax returns, medical records, financial information, student records, and more—could end up in someone else's hands. If your Data Security Plan (Risk Communication Plan) doesn’t incorporate printers and multifunctional devices, consider them for your next revision—or emergency amendment.

Ask ISM's Risk Manager

Q: We have had several instances of what can be considered unacceptable student behavior reported to us by parents. However, these events have taken place in the evening or over the weekend—outside of school hours. What are our rights, and duties, for monitoring student (and staff) behavior after hours?

You're Brilliant! You Will Get Through These Winter Doldrums

Finding motivation midwinter can be a struggle. Less sunlight, post holiday cheer, and colder temperatures have been linked to seasonal depression (SADD), known to affect thousands of people each season. It’s a very real concern for organizations and individuals alike, as both struggle to keep motivation high and sanity balanced.

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