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Recent Articles

Atrocious Tattoos and “Unnatural” Hair Colors: Dress Code Policy Particulars

Can dress codes go too far? Recent viral stories of ridiculous-looking tattoos and one UK student’s banishment from school grounds over an “unnatural” hair color have revived conversations about how much influence dress codes can have on a community. Today, we’ll take a look at the potential impact that detailed dress codes can have in a private-independent school.

​To Permit or to Ban: Revisiting Cellphone Policies, Part One

Cellphones have evolved in the past decade from comparatively crude communication devices little better than walkie-talkies to miniature computers more powerful than the machines that put two men on the moon in 1969. With great power, however, comes great responsibility. While schools that historically banned the devices experiment with classroom use, certain critics claim that the disadvantages outweigh the benefits.

This month, we’ll take a look at some of the arguments in favor of allowing students to use their personal cellphones during school hours.

Write Job Descriptions by Answering Questions

Finding new talent to add to your school’s faculty and staff can invigorate programs and inject new ideas to counter old problems. But how do you attract the best candidates to your open positions? Why, with your job posting, of course! Your listing is your first chance to attract and impress the sort of teachers and administrators your school desires.

But the first step in writing a job description isn’t writing at all. First, you must collect all the important information job seekers care about, and present it in a way that’s easily understandable and attractive to the best candidates. So, before you set your fingers to the keyboard to craft your job description, make sure you can answer these crucial questions.

Reaching Realistic Deadlines

Deadlines are to your school what cogs are to a watch: both keep the overall machine ticking and running regularly. They’re necessary for everything to work seamlessly. Many thrive in an environment that sets clear, constant expectations through deadlines, but some may feel like they can’t keep up as due dates whiz by. If you or your office has trouble reaching its deadlines, try these steps.

Ask ISM's Health Care Reform Specialist

Q: We are changing our eligibility for our health insurance from 20 hours per week to 30 hours per week. We were told that we must change our Flexible Spending Account (FSA) definition of eligibility, as well. We still want to let our part-time employees pretax their out-of-pocket expenses, but we’re told that this is not allowed. Can only our full-time employees participate in our FSA plan?

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