• In this issue of Ideas & Perspectives,

    we provide advice on creating a land acquisition plan, steps to revitalize your Committee on Trustees, and details concerning what to look for in an Interim Head.

  • Each year in the United States …

    emergency rooms treat more than 200,000 children ages 14 and younger for playground-related injuries!

    Carrying Student Accident Insurance is just one more precaution your school can take to protect your athletes, scholars, and shining stars—for pennies per student. Our plans protect your domestic, international, and international K–college bound students.

  • NEW for 2014: The Business and Operations Academy

    Your job is to ensure that your school is fiscally sound, legally compliant, and safe for your entire school community. Join us at the academy to learn essential strategies to achieve these foundational goals and develop your professional support network.

  • International College Student Accident & Sickness Insurance

    Coverage your international alumni can depend on.

    Recommend ISM's International Student Coverage to your graduating international students—it's seamless coverage from your campus to their next educational journey.

  • Options, Options, Options!

    Offering Voluntary Benefits to your faculty and staff is one way to expand your school’s benefit portfolio without expanding your budget. Whether or not your school offers medical benefits or has opted to send employees to the government exchanges, Voluntary Benefits can help you protect those who protect your students.

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Take Note: Four Private School Blogs to Emulate

Blogging can be one of the easiest and most reliable ways to get your private school’s message onto the Web and into the community. However, worries about the time commitment or whether you have anything of interest to say can stop your school from publishing that first post. To inspire you for next year, here are four private-independent school administrators who are doing a marvelous job blogging their school’s mission to cyberspace—and whose example you can follow in your own blog.

“What Your Students Did Over Summer Vacation”

For most students, summer vacation offers a time of relaxation and rest before the start of another jam-packed school year. For others, though, summer marks the beginning of new adventures and opportunities otherwise unnoticed during days full of classes and nights full of homework. What are your students doing this summer? Read on for a glimpse into the possibilities of summer break.

2014 Summer Reading List for Private School Administrators

While the warm weather invites people to step outside their offices for some well-deserved relaxation from the stress of the school year, summer break also presents an opportunity to catch up on some books from your “read when I get a chance” list. Here’s our list of must-read books for private school administrators for the summer.

Breathe Easy With(out) Mold: How Other Schools Handled Mold Infestations

As the de facto Facilities Manager, you’re likely very familiar with your school’s minor facility inconveniences. The girls’ bathroom lights always seem to flicker as if in a horror movie; the projectors show the blue screen of death anytime the chemistry teacher wants to show a video demonstration; and the school garden attracts unseemly quantities of Japanese beetles. There are bigger problems on your plate, so you typically wait to “get around to it later.”

Well, there’s one concern that if left untreated will become a big headache—fast. And that, dear readers, is mold.

Ask ISM's Health Care Reform Specialist

Q: Our broker has informed us that our insurance plan is too good, and that we will have to pay a penalty. Is this true? I understand that there are minimum requirements, but I wasn’t aware that there are also caps on how comprehensive the coverage you offer can be.

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