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Recent Articles

The Absolute Worst Interview Questions—And What to Ask Instead

Any lawyer can tell you which interview questions to avoid due to liability concerns, but some legally permissible questions still make applicants’ teeth grind when asked. Many of these questions seem like smart things to ask, but rarely give you any added insight into the applicant as a future employee.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the top five worst interview questions to ask an applicant—and what you should ask instead.

Leading the Leaders

School Heads often find themselves in the position of “leading leaders”—that is, guiding people who are used to having the final say in their areas of expertise. A team of leaders understands the importance of getting things done and hammering out logistics. With them, you pit the best of the best against the problems your school faces. That same team can also devolve into a mosh pit of powerful personalities, all needing the last word.

Whether your team becomes a league of private school superheroes or a catfight depends largely on how you frame and guide your leaders.

Loose Lips Sink Ships

During World War II, there was a poster depicting an enemy agent eavesdropping on a restaurant conversation about U.S. war vessels. The caption? Loose Lips Sink Ships. This phrase can apply to your Board as well.

Reports To and From the Finance Committee

Board members are ultimately responsible for the financial stability of the school, and part of their due diligence requires them to develop a strategic financial plan and a complementary budget. Trustees must keep tabs on budgetary issues, to ensure the strategic financial plan is progressing. However, actual budgets may not always jibe with the projected budgets developed by the Finance Committee. For this reason, the Business Office should provide frequent reports to the Finance Committee.

20 Free Online Resources for School Administrators

News aggregate reddit bills itself as the “front page of the Internet,” collecting information and stories for its users to read and respond to. Recently, a member asked the community at large what free services everyone on the Internet should use—and the response was overwhelming.

From the original conversation, we’ve gleaned what we think are the top 20 free resources for private-independent school administrators and educators. From full-length college courses to file converters, our list runs the gamut. Take a look and see what can help you better serve your school community.

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