Becoming an Ally: How to Begin the Work of White Anti-Racism

Becoming a Ally: How to Begin the Work of White Anti-Racism
Becoming a Ally: How to Begin the Work of White Anti-Racism

Time: 3:30pm ET

The truth is that exploring one’s racial identity is uncomfortable work. But it’s a vital step toward becoming an anti-racist educator, school leader, or Trustee. This is especially true for white educators who benefit from the managerial structures that have evolved in the world of education.

This two-part webinar will help white educators explore their own racial identity. This understanding will then enable them to work more confidently in achieving their school’s diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

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  • Do you find yourself wondering what active role you can play in becoming an anti-racist educator, school leader, or Trustee?
  • Do you struggle with understanding how your racial identity plays a role in helping or hindering your institution’s journey to become more anti-racist in culture and practice?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed when you ask yourself: Where do I, as a white individual, start with this work? How can I prepare myself to make meaningful social change in my school and in my wider communities?

This two-part webinar will help you examine how the white racial identity has affected the educational landscape. With this knowledge, you’ll be better equipped to apply a nuanced and personal sociological analysis to determine if systemic racism is operating within your school’s policies and practices.

We’ll also discuss how to bring this knowledge to your fellow teachers and administrators by creating a school-based cohort so you can do this work together.

This is a two-part webinar.

  • On Wednesday, August 5, we’ll present a 60-minute webinar on self-reflection. After this presentation, you’ll be assigned homework to reflect on your racial identity. You’ll return a week later to explore what you have uncovered.
  • On Wednesday, August 12, we'll show you how to use this newfound knowledge at your school in a follow-up webinar. The second 60-minute webinar will detail how faculty can organize to create anti-racist professional working groups to support one another to achieve your school’s diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

In these two webinars, you will:

  • explore how your unintended bias can impact your work as an educator and what you can do to change it;
  • determine how to create a framework for diversity, equity, and inclusion that articulates and provides meaningful guidance for providing an equitable school environment; and
  • build the capacity for your school to move toward becoming an actively anti-racist multicultural institution.

This webinar is great for:

All school leaders.


Randy Clancy

Racial Justice Educator and Trainer

Randy believes that white people must study whiteness if we want to be effective, accountable, and responsible partners to People of Color in challenging racism. She is grateful to the People of Color and white people in her racial justice community who inspire her to dig deeper into the history of white supremacy and uncover its impact on her experience as a white cis woman in the United States.

Randy is committed to doing better daily by studying, reflecting on, and embracing the vulnerability that comes with bringing her internalized racism to light. She is happiest when she is cooking for her family and loved ones.



Ramón Javier

Director of Diversity and Community, Trinity School

Born and raised in the Washington Heights section of New York City, Ramón is a life-long New Yorker, proud of his Afro-Latino roots. A member of Prep for Prep’s contingent XI, Ramón graduated from The Hackley School, Williams College and received his MA. & Ed.M in Psychological Counseling from Teachers College, Columbia University.

After college, Ramón worked in law and advertising, but his passion for helping kids led him to education. He worked for Prep for Prep, The TEAK Fellowship, and KIPP NYC in a variety of roles. Currently, Ramon is the Director of Diversity and Community at Trinity School.



Matthew Reininger

Director of Educational Technology, Trinity School

As the Director of Educational Technology, Matt is responsible for the leadership of the divisional Educational Technology Coordinators at Trinity School. He develops, implements, and evaluates educational technology policy and device strategy for the school community. He has also served as a Diversity Coordinator since 2014. In this function, he coordinates and facilitates the development and implementation of general diversity, identity, and anti-bias programming for both faculty and students. He is the lead organizer and faculty advisor to the Student Diversity Leadership Council.

Matt established a new organizational structure for student affinity groups and leadership selection processes. He was also a founding team member of Trinity’s first White Anti-Racist Educators Affinity (WARE) group. Matt has been working in private schools since 2006. He received his MA from Teachers College of Columbia University and BA from Emory University.


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