Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications
Marketing & Communications

A school's reputation and the experience it provides for students can make all the difference when parents choose an educational institution.

ISM Consultants help schools reveal exceptional stories of student learning, engagement, and outcomes, and illustrate how these can become differentiators that distinguish their school from its competitors.

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Penny Abrahams, IAP-L
Executive Director of Advisory Services and Senior Consultant

Elevating the Role of Marketing Communications at Your School
Two decades ago, the position of Marketing Communications Director in private-independent schools was almost nonexistent, with minimal resources dedicated to their responsibilities. Today, schools increasingly recognize the importance of strategic marketing communications in promoting their values, building relationships with their constituents, and enhancing engagement of donors and friends. However, these professionals are less likely than their peers to report to the School Head, and sometimes their contributions are underappreciated. As a result, they sometimes earn less than their peers and receive less acknowledgment for their successes.

What to Do When a Crisis Goes Social
In this session, we will explore how to identify and strengthen the weak spots in your school's crisis communication plan, with a special focus on the challenges posed by social media. We will examine the key elements of managing your school's reputation online and understand how to respond to crises unfolding on these platforms effectively. This session will also provide you with practical strategies and real-world examples, equipping you with the skills to handle and mitigate social media crises confidently.