A Brief History

Starting in 1975 with Ideas & Perspectives, an advisory letter for Heads, Trustees, and other key managers, ISM has grown in direct response to the needs of the independent school community. New services have been added over the years to make ISM the only comprehensive management-support firm for private-independent schools in the United States and abroad. Administrators in schools of all types and sizes turn to ISM for advice and assistance on an array of management challenges, including risk management, student recruitment and retention, advancement, development, admission, marketing, strategic and long-range planning, Board/Head relations, personnel, plant expansion, retreats, mergers, scheduling, faculty culture, 21st century schools, leadership training, and creative Insurance solutions.

Mission Statement

ISM is dedicated to the advancement of school management. We provide creative strategies by combining extensive research, proven management techniques, and personalized service.

Our Core Purpose

Advancing school leadership—enriching the student experience.

Our Core Values


ISM conducts business in a truthful and honorable manner, promoting trust, respect, and equality among team members and clients.


Focus at ISM is the tenacious engagement of team members in achieving our corporate goals.


ISM provides services and customer service that exceed expectations.


Creativity is the process of imagination, research, building, testing, and producing products and services—leading to solutions.


Understanding the concept of teamwork is basic to the role of ISM and its employees. As team members we understand, respect, and value the role of each team member, working together to support one another toward the achievement of our mission and internal goals. By being a complete resource, the team works for the school, through the appropriate administrator, with the Board, to support the achievement of the school's mission.


Clients are not interrupting our work; they are the purpose of our work. Further, we support one another as we address clients' needs.

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