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Recent Articles

What You Should Know Before Setting Your School's Financial Aid Policy

We find that many schools have questions when it comes to their financial aid policies. They aren’t sure if they award financial aid in the most effective way, and want to ensure their policies follow the correct guidelines, are fair and consistent for students and their families, and support their school’s mission.

Four Basic Safety Drills for Your School

Safety is a top concern for families who choose to send their children to private-independent schools. That is why it’s imperative for your school’s crisis plan to be up-to-date, thorough, and top-of-mind, especially for the Business Office.

Protect the safety of your students and your community by practicing precise drills often. We recommend including the following four drills in every crisis plan, as well as any others that make sense for your school.

Five Ways the School Head Can Work Effectively With the Board

Your role as School Head is to lead by example, inspire enthusiasm among faculty and staff, and ultimately enrich the student experience. The job requires patience, hard work, and dedication.

It also requires thoughtful planning to create and maintain a positive relationship with Board members.

Creating a Focused and Condensed School Mission Statement

Your mission statement must describe the scope and guidance your school needs to define its purpose in a directive, clear, and distinguishing manner.

Chances are that your school has already created a mission statement. But if it fails to distinguish your program from others in the marketplace, consider reevaluation.

The Holidays Are Coming—Are You Offering Holiday Care?

Families and parents today are busier than ever. As the hustle and bustle of the holidays arrive and families add more to their plates, offering holiday childcare can be an added value to current students and a differentiator for prospective families.

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