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Three Things to Know to Start a Successful School Store

Starting or managing your school store can be a large undertaking. What items should you sell? How do you price them? Should you run a physical location or offer items exclusively online? How do you market your inventory? Will people actually buy? Which office should manage the store?

You’re not alone. Many private-independent school administrators have questions when it comes to running a successful school store.

Raising Independent Children

Many students are not empowered to be independent thinkers—and this impacts both their personal lives and their educational careers. Although schools’ mission statements include that they generate generations of independent thinkers, students often don’t learn or apply these skills away from campus. New research shows that overprotecting children can impact confidence, decision-making skills, and overall mental health.

Encourage Healthy Habits to Help Prepare Students for College

We previously covered that cultivating healthy habits can improve how you function in your role as a school administrator. And a recent study highlights that students who maintain healthy habits can exhibit more motivation to attend college.

The Profiled Board and Fundraising

It's often unclear to Trustees, particularly those members new to the Board, what their fundraising duties comprise.

The Basics of Your Board’s Summer Retreat

Your Board must avoid getting bogged down in day-to-day decisions and obligations. It cannot lose sight of its primary responsibility—to maintain the essential character and integrity of the school and ensure that it remains viable to serve the children of today’s students. An annual Board retreat provides the opportunity to devote a day specifically to planning for the future.

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