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Report Shows Increased Spending, Emphasis on Professional Development

Continuing education for professionals in every industry keeps employees in the know with the latest-and-greatest tools and techniques, increasing their worth to their employers while keeping morale high. In fact, it’s so important, most states require their licensed teachers to pursue formal continuing education after their initial certification! While the recent recession may have cut into professional development budgets a few years ago, a recent report shows employers’ renewed emphasis on the importance of continuing education for their employees.

An Update to the Overtime Salary Rule Change: Nonprofits and Small Businesses Fight for More Time

Last year, we wrote about the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) proposed changes in salary for exempt employees. To summarize: Employees are “exempt” from overtime pay and minimum wage laws if their job duties classify them as “bona fide executive, administrative, professional and outside sales employees” who make a salary of at least $445 per week ($24,500 annually). The rule proposal may bump the minimum salary requirement to $50,440 per year, or $970 weekly. Professionals who make less than that would become eligible for overtime pay.

However, groups have begun organizing against this rule change. They argue that the new regulations would place an undue financial burden on nonprofits and smaller companies that would not benefit either employees or organizations. As we look ahead to the coming debates, some breathing space for your nonprofit school may be on the horizon.

Private School Security Guard Retires With $185K Gift

When beloved members of school communities choose to retire after decades of loyal service, most would be satisfied a small party with cake and a card filled with handwritten, heartfelt sentiments. But when a security guard at the Hockaday School retired after thirty years on the job, his school community spontaneously came together to offer a fitting farewell to the man who had guarded its students: A check for $185,000.

Photo credit to The Scoop/Dallas News

Eight Ideas for School Milestones

Does your school have a special milestone approaching? Such anniversaries offer an excellent opportunity to ramp up advancement efforts. Start planning for those special years, and take advantage of the community spirit to push your school’s advancement plans to the next level.

Infographic: Charitable Giving in the United States for 2015

In terms of private dollar donations, the United States gives more money to charity than any other country. According to The Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies’ comparative report for 36 countries, Americans gave 1.85% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) in donations from 1995–2002. While Americans are generous with their fiscal resources, the question remains whether the average donation dollar tends toward your type of nonprofit: A private-independent school.

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