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Crisis Communication: What’s Your Plan?

Your school probably has a well-thought-out crisis plan in place to help your school react should the unthinkable happen. But an often-overlooked aspect of a crisis plan is communication.

Four Reasons to Consider Shifting to a Continuous Enrollment Program

Shifting to a continuous enrollment program is a hot topic among advancement professionals in private-independent schools. Many schools have made the switch to automatically re-enrolling students for the next year if the student is in good academic standing, has no behavioral issues, and his or her account is paid in full.

Insurance You Want Your Vendors to Have

It’s inevitable that your school will employ vendors to help support some aspects of your operations. Whether these vendors provide transportation, food, construction, or some other service, all should carry adequate insurance policies.

Before you sign a contract and the vendor begins work, ensure each provides proof that the following policies and coverages are in place to protect their business and your school.

A Risk Assessment Self-Exam

It’s not always easy to see ways that your school’s operations might put you at risk. But managing it effectively isn’t as hard as you may think.

Your team can manage risk by identifying exposures from past experiences or the experiences of others, seeing patterns, and considering new trends. Then identify ways you can prevent these risks from occuring now, or options you’ll have to mitigate if they occur in the future.

Ensure Your College Guidance Program Is Structured Effectively

For schools that have an upper level, helping students find and apply to the college of their dreams is a critical concern for many counselors and staff members throughout the year.

As this school year comes to a close and students complete the college application and acceptance process, it’s time to review your program for next year.

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