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Recent Articles

5 Ways to Spice Up Your School Newsletter

Your school newsletter, whether electronic or print, is more than a series of reminders and notices. When crafted strategically, it is a shining example of your school’s mission at work.

Your school newsletter should illustrate the exemplary quality of the school’s education, the student body, and the people who deliver the program. It’s one of your strongest tools to influence recruitment and re-recruitment by showing the strength of your community, the value of programs offered, and the caliber of students and graduates produced.

How to Create Student and Parent Ambassador Programs

Looking for a way to bring your community together? Empower your families and friends to advocate for your school? Consider an ambassador program.

Parent and student ambassador programs are a great way to expand your reach and share authentic success stories with prospective families.

What Do You Do When a Family Files for Bankruptcy?

The following scenario was recently shared in our Business Manager e-list, a free, email-based, position-specific resource for private-independent school community members. “A student is enrolled for the 2017–18 school year but has a small outstanding balance on their 2016–17 tuition account. The parents promised to pay it over the summer but, before making the payment, filed for bankruptcy and named the school as a creditor. What do we do?”

Creating Your School's Response and Recovery Plans

An important function of every school’s Business Office is helping create and maintain the crisis management plan. Many schools have created a Risk Management Team to oversee this function. If you’re a member of the committee, don’t forget to create your response and recovery action plans.

6 Tips for Setting Your Leadership Team Up for Success

No one said it would be easy being the School Head. Between implementing your school’s strategic plan, creating a safe and welcoming environment, and ensuring every decision falls in line with the mission, you have a lot on your plate. Therefore, it’s imperative that you’re able to rely on your direct reports—your Leadership Team—help support you on a day-to-day basis.

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