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Recent Articles

4 Ways to Ensure a Successful Community Service Program

Many schools have incorporated community service into their mission to show their students how to become global citizens with hearts for helping others. An integral part of delivering this value is an ongoing focus on service learning.

Consider Your Calendar: How Many Teaching Days Does Your School Really Have?

One role of an academic administrator is to help educators maximize their teaching time in the classroom. We therefore recommend that every team review the amount of actual teaching days allotted in your school year calendar.

The Three C’s of Parent Communication

Organization is essential for effective communication with your parent body. It’s up to the Marketing and Communications Department to set the tone for your school’s parent communication strategy. We recommend using the three C’s to guide your efforts.

How Small Schools Can Approach a Major Gifts Program

Small schools face an unique set of challenges when it comes to major gifts. With a modest staff and possibly smaller network within the community, it can seem like a daunting task to run a major gifts program. However, we’ve found that many of the challenges small schools believe they face are based in perception, not reality.

Price, Product, Process: Choosing Your Competitive Marketplace Position

When it comes to your school’s mission and the value you offer to families, you can’t be all things to all people. Many schools fall into the trap of trying to offer the best programs, the smallest class sizes, and the most accomplished graduates—all for a lower price than the competition.

In our experience, this simply cannot be done. We instead encourage schools to choose their competitive marketplace position and keep every strategic decision in line with this stance.

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