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Oh Look, More Acronyms to Memorize! SEVIS, SEVP, and DHS

If your school has an international student program or is considering one, you might be well aware of the acronyms SEVIS, SEVP, and DHS. For those not familiar with the acronyms, as you might have guessed, they relate to the nitty-gritty, compliance side of international student programs. These acronyms need to be universally understood throughout your Business, Admission, and School Head’s offices. Although the enrollment process may start and conclude in the Admissions Office, all offices are involved in the comprehensive process.

SEVP stands for The Student and Exchange Visitor Program, SEVIS stands for Student and Exchange Visitor Information System, and DHS stands for Department of Homeland Security.

2016 Shows A Dip in Wellness Benefits

Over the last decade, there has been an upward trend for employers to incorporate wellness programs into their employee incentive and benefit portfolios. Such benefits have been considered tools, helping to reduce health insurance costs and paid sick time as well as boost overall employee morale. However, a new study shows that companies are starting to move in the other direction concerning wellness benefits—cancelling incentives due to a perceived lack of ROI and participation.

Can it be that the wellness bubble has popped?

Teach the Teachers: Four Flexible Professional Development Ideas for Summer

Professional development for teachers is often scheduled at this time of year, with the idea that since class is out, teachers have more time to devote to educational intensives. That’s not always the case—67% of teachers in New Jersey had some form of summer gig in 2015, according to one informal survey, and only a third of teachers reserve time from second jobs and family obligations for ongoing education.

With that in mind, we rounded up this list of creative, low-stress—and flexible—professional development ideas to pass to your teachers to keep their minds sharp and their spirits high for the Fall 2016 semester.

2016 Summer Reading List for Division Heads

We hope your summer is as sunny and joyous as it has been here at the ISM headquarters, where we’re in the middle of hosting our Summer Institute workshop series in Wilmington, Delaware. Even if you haven’t been able to join in the professional development opportunities with your peers, we don’t want you to let this relatively calm period of the school year slip past without investing in yourself. So, we asked our Consultants to assemble this list of go-to books, and here’s what they recommend.

2016 Summer Reading List for Development Directors

We wish everyone at the Development Office and your entire school a sun-filled summer full of relaxation—and professional development. Sure, the classrooms might be empty of students (for now), but your work is rarely done. The temporary breather offers you some time to catch up on that list of books you promised yourself you’d get to this year—and we’ve got a few suggestions for you to tackle while catching some rays.

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