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Ask ISM's Health Care Reform Specialist

Q. As I began preparing paperwork for the new school year, I noticed that our school has two employees who will be turning 65—and so become newly eligible for Medicare. Is there anything that the school needs to do?

Setting Up An Effective Mentor Program

With the start of a fresh school year comes the opportunity to incorporate new programs and incentives for your faculty and staff. If your culture doesn’t already incorporate a mentoring program, we strongly encourage you take advantage of the new academic year to instill one. The benefits greatly outweigh the pains of initiation.

9 Items New Business Managers Should Keep in Mind

Is this your first year at a private-independent school as a brand-new Business Manager? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the start of the school year? To help you get the jump on things and stay focused on your job, here are nine items to keep in mind in your first few months in your new position. (In fact, even seasoned Business Managers would do well to keep these thoughts forefront in their minds!)

Don’t Let Your D&O Lapse!

Although private-independent schools rarely lack D&O insurance, it is prudent to be aware of your insurance’s cost, limits of coverage, policy specifics, retroactive date and exclusions—and, of course, its renewal deadline.

5 Strategic Planning Detours You Must Avoid

When in the process of strategic planning for your school, you want to continue the favorable growth of your school. In conducting this session, however, don’t allow the momentum of understandably favorable feelings to sidetrack your process from a truly strategic path.

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