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Preparing for a Powerful Full-Board Presentation

When a Board committee or Trustee is on the agenda to present a proposal to the Board, expect him or her to come thoroughly prepared. The following template can help Trustees organize proposal presentations.

The Essential Role of the Annual Fund Chair

Because the annual fund is broad-based and occurs regularly, it connects your school with the widest possible group of donors in your community and works to instill in them the habit of giving. The annual fund also opens the opportunity to identify individuals who later might become primary supporters of your capital, endowment, and major gift programs.

The Benefits and Challenges of Personalized Learning

Personalized learning initiatives—a specific focus on matching students’ individual learning styles and competencies to their educational processes—have long been a focus for private-independent schools. As technology makes personalized learning initiatives even more individualized, a new study has analyzed the impact of personalized learning and whether it’s truly helping students succeed.

Strengthen Your School’s Volunteer Program to Benefit Your Students and Community

Many private-independent schools want their students to become purveyors of positive change in their communities. School leaders, therefore, incorporate this fundamental goal into their missions, and create service learning programs to help deliver on their pledge.

The First Step of Any Successful Fundraising Campaign

Your case statement is a core element of every fundraising campaign. This marketing tool communicates with donors and prospects, and begins the process of matching their values and interests with your school’s mission and guiding principles.

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