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The ‘Marriage’ of the Board President and School Head

The leader of the Board and the leader of your school are partners. One cannot function without the understanding, guidance, and respect of the other. It is, in fact, a marriage of sorts. And, like other marriages, it is subject to ups and downs, honeymoons and divorces. Obviously, the welfare of the school is critically dependent on this successful marriage.

The Buildings and Grounds Committee’s Role in a Leased or Rented Facility

The Buildings and Grounds Committee, charged with protecting the school’s campus and equipment, faces a complex situation if the school’s site is leased or rented. Any recommendations involving renovations, refurbishment, or expense must be approved by the property owner, lease committee, or other entity for which the bottom line may well outweigh the school’s best interests.

Five Actions That Can Help Improve Student Engagement

One of your primary duties as an academic leader is to support your faculty and help them connect with their students. However, most seasoned leaders will tell you that perfecting the art of student engagement varies greatly, depending on the students’ ages and your overall school culture.

How You Can Help Your Teachers Become Remarkable Advisors

It’s up to the School Head to create your advisory program, but it’s often left to Division Heads to implement the school’s plan and ensure its continued success.

So how do you, as a link between the School Head and your faculty, help teachers become exemplary advisors?

Using Analytics to Improve Your Marketing Communications Efforts

It’s no longer enough to create content, pop it onto your website, and hope it attracts mission-appropriate students and families to your school. You must have a content strategy in place to create and distribute content effectively. Many teams have created such a strategy but forget an extremely important aspect—measurement and analytics.

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