HR and Legal Advice: Increased Costs, or Cost Savings?

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December 9, 2009

How, do you know when to consult an employment attorney? And when can a (less costly) Human Resources professional be of assistance? In a nutshell:

An HR professional who gets to know your school's culture and values can provide very effective guidance on day-to-day HR activities.

  • Setting up an effective hiring process
  • Helping communicate policies in an employee-friendly way
  • Implementing a progressive corrective action (discipline) process
  • Guiding school administrators in conducting performance discussions

An employment attorney provides specialized advice on specific legal matters.

  • Advising on how employment laws apply in your state
  • Guidance regarding situations involving potential discrimination based on race, sex, disability, age, and other protected class statuses
  • Responses to EEOC, Department of Labor, and other government inquiries or claims
  • Response and defense of civil claims brought by employees or former employees

By using both an HR adviser (whether on-staff, on-retainer, or contracted for specific assignments) and an employment attorney in the right way, the school can go far down the prudent path of protecting itself from legal and financial risks as much as possible.

(Future e-letters will explore in more detail how and when professional HR advice can benefit your school).


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