Joshua Nelson, Ph.D.

Joshua Nelson, Ph.D.
Joshua Nelson, Ph.D.

ISM Consultant and Director of Faculty and Curriculum

Expertise and Current Role

Josh joined ISM full-time in 2021 after working in private schools since 2004. He focuses on programmatic matters in the areas of STEM education, curriculum and instruction, and scheduling. He was instrumental in the ISM service design for Engaging Students in an Extended Period. As ISM's Director of Faculty and Curriculum, he helps shape ISM's professional development initiatives.

Prior Experience

Josh most recently served as the Chief Academic Officer for St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Austin, Texas. In charge of the entire K–12 academic program for the school, he worked with school administration and faculty to develop curriculum and policies to support student learning.

He had previously served as the director of the school’s mLAB—a design studio and digital fabrication space that houses 3D printers, laser cutters, milling machines, microprocessors, VR platforms, and other innovative technologies. Josh procured more than $180K in private funding for the enhancements of the mLAB.

He was responsible for developing the vision of the makerspace and integrating the principles of learning found in the mLAB mission throughout the entire school community and within each discipline’s curriculum. He collaborated with tech companies in the Austin area to develop projects to connect the school with the larger Austin area tech community.

In his early years at St. Andrew's, Josh was the math department chair and a math teacher, supervising all curricular aspects of grades 1 through 12 mathematics programs. He evaluated grades 1 through 8 mathematics instructors and managed mathematics department budgets.

As a math teacher at Saint Gabriel’s Catholic School and the ITT Technical Institute in Austin, Texas, he taught math at the middle school and collegiate levels, respectively, emphasizing project-based instruction and technology.


Josh holds a Ph.D. in STEM Education from the University of Texas, Austin, as well as a master’s degree in Mathematics Education. He also holds a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Texas Tech University.