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ISM employees
ISM employees

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ISM started in 1975 with Ideas & Perspectives, an advisory letter for Heads, Trustees, and other key managers. Since then, ISM has grown in direct response to the needs of the independent school community.

New services have been added to make ISM the only comprehensive management-support firm serving private-independent schools in the United States and abroad.

Administrators in schools of all types and sizes turn to ISM for advice and assistance on an array of management challenges, including risk management, student recruitment and retention, advancement, development, admission, marketing, strategic and long-range planning, Board/Head relations, personnel, plant expansion, mergers, scheduling, faculty culture, 21st century paradigms, leadership training, and creative insurance solutions.

Careers Available at ISM

Software Developer

Summary/Objective The Software Developer is responsible for seeing various software applications through the entire development process. They will coordinate with stakeholders and team members to gather requirements and suggest and design solutions. They will develop, launch, monitor, and debug applications.

Survey Specialist

Summary/Objective | This professional is responsible for ensuring that all survey data reports are complete and accurate. Handles and prepares the data for formatting, codes text, generates tables, charts, and graphs, and designs and assembles the final report for the client or consultant. Also responsible for generating data reports and summaries for ISM internal use.

Client Services Manager

ISM’s Regional Sales Managers are the essential link to provide private and independent schools, nationally and internationally, access to the complete lines of products and services offered by ISM. Regional Sales Managers will be responsible for the increase in their regions total revenue for all lines of ISM’s Core Products, including, but not limited to, our Consulting Services, Professional development workshops, School insurance products, Financial Aid Software, ISM Membership, and attendance to our EXPO’s. Our Regional Managers are vital to the overall growth of ISM.