BCP Requirements Explained
BCP Requirements Explained

Take your career to the next level with a BCP designation.

BCP Requirements


Requirements/Designation BCP
Experience requirements for Senior and Executive levels can include previous business/operations experience accepted at a ratio of 2 years to 1 year.
3 years business/ operations experience in private-independent schools 5 years business/operations experience (Minimum of 3 years in private-independent schools) 10 years business/operations experience (Minimum of 7 years in private-independent schools)
Letter of Recommendation
Letter of recommendation from your School Head
Yes Yes Yes
Leadership activities

To be stated in your letter of recommendation

  • Strategic planning
  • Budget creation, oversight, and management
  • Mentoring of a direct report or colleague
  • Leading a conference presentation or workshop
  • Publication of articles
  • Supervising at least two direct reports
N/A 2 Required 3 Required
ISM'S Guiding Principles Signed affirmation Signed affirmation Signed affirmation
Non-ISM Finance and Operations Conference NA Yes Yes
ISM Business and Operations Academy Yes Yes Yes
Professional Action Plan and Reflection
Developed at the ISM Business and Operations Academy, applicants must submit the professional action plan along with reflection—a two-page, single-spaced description of the successes and lessons learned from the plan.
Yes Yes Yes
Through ISM or ISM-approved providers:
N/A 50 credits/5 years
(10 ISM credits required)
50 credits/5 years
(10 ISM credits required)
  • Finance & Operations Conference (non-ISM)
N/A 10 credits
(10 credits maximum)
10 credits
(10 credits maximum)
  • Online Learning
N/A 1 hour = 1 credit 1 hour = 1 credit
  • Association Workshops
N/A 1 hour = 1 credit 1 hour = 1 credit
  • 1-day Workshop or Conference
N/A 10 credits 10 credits
  • 3-day Workshop or Conference
N/A 30 credits 30 credits
  • CEUs
N/A 1 CEU = 5 credits
(20 credits maximum)
1 CEU = 5 credits
(20 credits maximum)
Participate in volunteer activities performed outside the professional's school, (giving back to the community).
N/A 20 hours per year 20 hours per year
Peer Review
Core institutional documents submitted for review by your peer. Examples include, but not limited to, employee handbook, accounting policies and procedures handbook, investment policies, financial aid policies, internal controls, safety and health management, risk management plan, etc.

Yes (2 documents)

Yes (3 documents)

Interview With BCP Faculty N/A N/A Yes


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