On-Demand: COVID Response Boot Camp: Screening Triggers, Exposures & Illness

COVID-19 Response Boot Camp: How to Handle Positive Cases
COVID-19 Response Boot Camp: How to Handle Positive Cases
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Your school might be risk-mitigation ready for campus reopening. But is your Health Team and COVID Response Team ready to deal with exposures, screening, and illness?

School health officials and those that oversee the Health Office should attend this one-day online workshop so they are not asking, “What do we do if we have a student or staff member with symptoms?”


This workshop will help you understand how to monitor and respond to screening triggers, reports of illness, COVID-19 positive cases, and possible exposures. You will receive key documents and tools, such as infographics, guides, decision trees, and checklists. These will help you take quick, decisive action in all scenarios, track cases to identify trends, and work most effectively with your local department of health.

This session will be led by Adrianna Bravo, M.D., FAAP, who has devoted her 20-year pediatric career to working in independent day and boarding school health. She is a consultant, presenter, content creator, and advisor for school reopening planning and readiness in the face of SARS-CoV2, Coronavirus, and COVID-19.


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COVID-19 Strategies

COVID-19 Strategies 

Determine how to leverage screenings, testing, and contact tracing to best respond to possible cases.


"This boot camp has been great! Love all the visuals for flowcharts! Well presented! Fantastic!"

"It gave me more confidence to handle situations in this challenging time of school reopening."





Focused Responses 

Feel confident in your ability to assess, triage, and respond to screening triggers, illness, COVID-19 cases, and exposures on campus.




"I sleep easier knowing we have seen your boot camp."

"Loved the flow charts, clear and concise."





Expert-Led Approaches 

Dr. Bravo has a 20-year career devoted to independent day and boarding school health initiatives and is an expert in school reopening planning and readiness.




"Have a deeper knowledge and understanding of what we will face."

"Such a huge help. It was amazing!!"





Campus openings have invited more COVID-19 questions:

  • Do you understand the diagnosis, isolation, and quarantine protocols if a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19?
  • Do you have a plan in place for screening, testing, and contact tracing?
  • Do you understand the differences between a COVID-19 Support Team and a COVID-19 Response Team? Are the correct leaders involved in each?

If you’re a staff member in your school’s Health Office, discover how to assess, triage, and respond to screening triggers for COVID-19. You’ll explore how to determine which students can return to class and which should move forward in the COVID-19 testing process.

You will learn how to:

  • assess and triage screening triggers to determine who needs testing;
  • leverage contact tracing to mitigate your school’s transmission risk;
  • determine who needs to be isolated and who needs to be quarantined;
  • identify individuals who can support the Health Office and the school’s COVID-19-response measures; and
  • conduct case reporting and tracking that will help you be the best liaison possible to your local department of health.

You’ll receive the following materials:

  • Assessment and Triage Flowchart
  • Contacts Central Registry
  • Framework for COVID Risk Mitigation Practices
  • Screening Response Flowchart
  • COVID Case Response: Affirmatives Flow Chart
  • Case Response Checklist
  • COVID Case Response Communications Checklist
  • Case Status Report and Tracker
  • Case Clearance Form
  • Infographic: What to Expect in Response to Cases

After this online workshop, you’ll be confident in your ability to assess, triage, and manage screening triggers, exposures, COVID-like illnesses, and positive COVID-19 cases.

This online workshop is for:

Health Office staff members, as well as those who oversee the Health Office, including Deans of Students and Deans of Student Life.

This online workshop will cover material presented in our Road Map to Campus Reopening Program. However, if your school’s Health Office staff members have not attended those sessions, they will benefit from this workshop.

If you cannot attend the workshop live, be sure to register. Recordings and materials will be sent to all registrants, regardless of live attendance.


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"One unanticipated benefit was the piece on fatal flaws. The staff heard them firsthand during your review and they perfectly aligned with what I was trying to help them understand."


Dr. Bravo

Adrianna Bravo, M.D., FAAP

Consultant, Presenter, Content Creator, & Advisor for SARS-CoV2/Coronavirus/COVID-19 School Reopening Planning and Readiness


Dr. Bravo has a 20-year career devoted to independent day and boarding school health initiatives.

Current Role

Dr. Bravo is a board-certified pediatrician who earned her medical degree from Dartmouth Medical School, where she received the John and Sophia Zaslow Award for her spirit of care and compassion in medicine. She also founded the medical school's healing and the arts program in collaboration with the C. Everett Koop Institute.

After completing her residency in pediatrics at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, she worked with the Navajo Nation Indian Health Service and opened a medical practice with the Children's Aid Society, serving as a clinical assistant in the department of pediatrics at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. She served as medical director at Salisbury School in Connecticut and is currently the Medical Director for Episcopal High School in Virginia.

Dr. Bravo is an invited speaker and task force participant for The National Association of Independent Schools; The Association of Boarding Schools; The Virginia Association of Independent Schools; The Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington; Independent School Management, Road Map to Campus Reopening Program; AUXS; and The Deans Roundtable, Annual Conference.

This is an on-demand event.

This is an on-demand event.

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