Elevate the Customer Service Culture at Your School

Elevate the Customer Service Culture at Your School
Elevate the Customer Service Culture at Your School

Time: 12:00pm ET

Your school’s “brand” is the total of all the experiences families have at your school. Therefore, a culture of customer service is a must. But mentioning a customer-service-oriented culture should not produce sneers and hisses among your faculty and staff.

This webinar will help you and your team realize all the benefits you will share when you care for today’s private school families in a highly predictable and supportive manner.

Explore the schoolwide benefit of engaging parents like they are VIPs, while systematically redirecting your VIP “monsters.” Walk away with actionable strategies for establishing and supporting a customer service culture at your school.

  • Do you find yourself cringing at stories you hear from parents about their negative interactions with some members of your faculty and staff?
  • Do you long for the day that all of your school’s employees “get” that customer service is everything in today’s competitive educational marketplace?
  • Are you constantly reminding faculty to communicate with parents spontaneously about the incremental progress their children make—but they just won’t do it?
  • Do you worry that your faculty and staff are going to see an expectation of customer service as just one more thing you want them to do?

Your school's families invest money and trust in your school because they believe the experience will provide long-term benefits for their children. Customer service must be an intentional part of your school's culture.

Creating a service-oriented culture that is embraced by all school employees begins by examining the experience your families are having today. You must determine what taking care of your families looks like and identify obstacles and roadblocks.

When you make it clear that everyone’s workplace experience improves when your culture of care with families is strong, resistance to the concept wanes. Leave this webinar with concrete, actionable strategies you can use at your school.

You will learn how to:

  • identify why customer service acumen should be considered a characteristic of professional excellence;
  • call your entire faculty and staff to a common customer service orientation;
  • win teachers over by speaking their language; create measurable (and realistic!) expectations for faculty and staff;
  • correct faculty and staff when they don’t seem to get it—or when they are outright resentful;
  • celebrate success and/or address failure; and
  • identify when you, your lack of process, or your emphasis on other tasks are the problem.

After this webinar, you’ll be:

  • able to give faculty permission to identify and let go of some “low impact” expectations to free up time to communicate with today’s parents in a highly personal way;
  • empowered to establish a schoolwide customer service standard, recognize it, and reward it;
  • confident in supporting your customer service champions to take the lead by becoming “brand ambassadors;” and
  • ready to experience the schoolwide benefit of happy and satisfied parents.

This webinar is for:

School Heads, Enrollment Management leaders, Division Principals/Heads, and Deans of Faculty.

Amy Riley

Amy P. Riley, Ed.S., IAP-L

ISM Consultant


Amy provides ongoing consulting and coaching in the areas of admission, enrollment management, marketing communications, constituent relations, customer/client service, and school culture.

Current Role

In addition to her consultation and coaching services, Amy's responsibilities at ISM also focus on:

  • writing for ISM’s advisory letter Ideas & Perspectives, distributed to school leaders in almost 1,000 schools;
  • leading marketing and enrollment management workshops and webinars; and
  • offering ISM content, quick tips, and tools via LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.

Amy has been a member of the ISM team since 2011, when she joined the faculty of ISM’s Advancement Academy. In 2013, she joined ISM as a full-time Consultant. She serves as Academic Dean of ISM’s International Advancement Certification Program and holds Leader (IAP-L) level certification in the program.

Prior Experience

Amy has served educational institutions for more than 15 years. She was an educator at the public secondary and post-secondary levels; acted as Director of Advancement, leading admission, marketing communications and development; and functioned as an enrollment management consultant and school culture coach for private-independent schools.

Amy has led workshops on behalf of CASE-NAIS, FCIS, NCAIS, AMS, ACIS, EMA, and AISGW.

She holds a number of K-12 education credentials:

  • Educational leadership and secondary English education certification, with gifted education endorsement
  • American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) High School Journalism Institute Fellow


Amy earned an Ed.S in educational leadership, a master’s degree in English, and grades 6-12 teaching certification at the University of West Georgia. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Auburn University, AL.

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