Eliminate the Guesswork: Use Projections and Forecasts for Financial Decisions

Using Projections and Forecasts to Make Financial Decisions
Using Projections and Forecasts to Make Financial Decisions

Time: 3:00pm ET

ISM’s proven financial strategies will help you learn how to understand your school’s trend data so you can make educated financial decisions. Join this webinar to learn recommended strategies to help your school thrive for years to come.

Your success in your role as your school's Business Manager relies on your ability to accurately account for revenue coming in, expenses going out, and creating a plan to serve the best interests of your school and your students. But if you struggle to forecast next year’s enrollment, develop an accurate operating budget months in advance, or control spending, you’re not alone.

ISM’s proven financial strategies will help you understand your school’s trend data so you can make educated financial decisions. Discover how to calculate next year’s enrollment and use the results to develop your three-tier operating budget forecast. You’ll also explore how to use a cut/hold/spend list to make the right choices for your school and bottom line.

We'll cover:

  • using our proven historical data formula to create an enrollment projection for the next school year;
  • developing a three-tier operating budget forecast; and 
  • creating a cut/hold/spend list that supports the three-tier budget.

Run time:

Total run time is 60 minutes. The presentation will run approximately 45 minutes with 15 minutes designated for Q&A.

Who should attend:

This webinar is appropriate for CFOs, Business Officers, and School Heads.

Jerry Chambers

Jerry Chambers, BCP-E

ISM Consultant


Jerry’s areas of expertise include strategic planning, business office operations, human resources, financial analysis, advancement, admissions, and marketing.

Current Role

Jerry began working with ISM in 2014 as a faculty member and joined the Consulting Team in 2016. In this role, he provides insight and recommended strategies for managing the business office, effective financial aid policies, strategic financial planning, and more.

Prior Experience

In addition to his work at ISM, Jerry was the Chief Financial Officer for ten years at The First Academy, FL, a Preschool–12th grade private Christian school with more than 1,450 students.

Jerry had executive responsibilities over finance, operations, facilities, human resources, technology, admission, international student programs, marketing, the school store, and The Virtual Academy.

He helped the school experience a tremendous increase in growth and financial stability. Hard income that covers the operating budget increased from 92% to 108%. Receivables were reduced from $150,000 to an annual average of $4,780. Debt services were reduced 25% and replacement plans were established for Operations, Technology, and the Athletic Complex.

A school store was added and annual sales went from $6,000 to over $200,000. The school also initiated a technology plan of $1.8 million and completed a new middle school building and a new Field House gymnasium, raising $16.2 million to accomplish these projects.

Prior to joining ISM and The First Academy, Jerry worked at various senior-level positions in investment banking, retail, transportation, and logistics. In 2015, Jerry was honored as one of the top CFOs in Central Florida by The Orlando Business Journal.


Jerry earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Finance at The Ohio State University.

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Image of a teacher and students in class
Image of a teacher and students in class

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Image of a teacher and students in class
Image of a teacher and students in class

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