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How to Create a Terrific Case for Support

Fundraising ● October 11, 2020

One of the pillars of an effective fundraising campaign is your school’s Case for Support. The Case for Support communicates with donors and prospects, and begins the process of matching their values and interests with your school’s mission and guiding principles. Here’s how to create a terrific Case that positions your school as a community asset worthy of philanthropic support.

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Teachers Weigh In on the Best Distance Learning Approaches

Academic Leadership ● October 11, 2020

ISM worked with more than 1,000 teachers this spring and summer to help them refine their approach to distance learning. As part of our study, we surveyed them about their experiences. What worked? What didn’t? Here’s what they said.

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The Financial Aid Mistake Your School Must Avoid

Business and Operations ● October 4, 2020

Is your school’s financial aid program producing unintended, negative consequences for your applicant pool and current families? The answer might surprise you. Schools want and need middle-income families to join their communities. Unfortunately, many schools use a financial aid model that actually discourages these families from applying for admission and aid. Here’s why and how to fix it.

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Creating Your School’s Diversity Statement

School Leadership ● October 4, 2020

As School Head, you know that supporting diversity, inclusion, and equity requires more than enrolling culturally diverse students. With your Board, you may have considered multiple dimensions of building and sustaining an inclusive institutional culture for everyone. Your Board may have formally endorsed diversity-related initiatives through its most recent planning document. To establish an institutional commitment to authenticity about diversity, be sure to clarify and formalize the school’s “case” by crafting a Diversity Statement.

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Should Your School Purchase Email Lists?

Marketing Communications ● October 4, 2020

As a marketing leader, a primary goal is sharing your school’s message with your community. While you already have an email list of former and current families, you are always looking for ways to expand your reach and drive interest in your school. One question we’ve heard often: Should schools purchase email marketing lists of prospective families?

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Six Ways to Use Your Guide to Giving and Getting Involved During and After COVID-19

Fundraising ● September 27, 2020

ISM recommends that your Development Office publish an annual Guide to Giving and Getting Involved to help your constituents understand the case for voluntary support and the myriad ways that they can be involved in your school community. It is critical to remind parents who are not regularly on campus that the school must be sustained through the commitment of time and money from its friends.

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How to Use Content Marketing to Boost Inquiries

Marketing Communications ● September 27, 2020

Your website is the face of your school, especially when visits to campus are less than ideal. Your school website presents your school’s mission, describes what you offer to prospective students, and persuades families to submit an inquiry. Your goal as a marketing leader? Create content that encourages families to connect with your admission team.

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Four Steps for Supporting Your Teachers Amid Stress and Uncertainty

Academic Leadership ● September 27, 2020

No matter how you began the school year, teaching has never been more difficult. Teachers are often learning new instructional methods as they go, doing everything in their power to help their students overcome obstacles. As an academic leader, it’s imperative that you match their dedication with all the support and resources available.

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How to Conduct a “Return to Work” Debrief

Business and Operations ● September 20, 2020

Part of your “return to school” plan probably involved speaking with faculty and staff about how they could return to work fairly and safely, regardless of whether or not your campus would re-open for in-person instruction. Now is the time to reflect on those conversations.

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