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Millennial Parents and Private Schools: What Should We Know?

Private School News ● November 26, 2019

The millennials are here. The millennial generation is typically defined as those between the ages of 25 and 37, meaning many school leaders are seeing millennial parents enter their ranks. What should private-school leaders know about the millennial generation of parents today?

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Four Questions Every Academic Leader Must Answer

Academic Leadership ● November 19, 2019

School leaders must strike a delicate balance when it comes to working with your direct reports. You want the faculty and staff that report to you to know that you care for their well-being, while also maintaining a sense of professionalism in your relationship. To that end, there may be some unspoken questions between you and your employees.

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Three Ways to Define Your School’s Marketplace Position

Advancement ● November 14, 2019

It can be tempting to claim that your school offers the best of everything. But in reality, that simply cannot be true—you can’t be all things to all people. Instead, we recommend that your school define its marketplace stance.

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Five Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Parent Communication

Advancement ● November 14, 2019

Parents, understandably, expect a high return on investment for their tuition dollars. So they want to ensure their children receive the full benefit of their expenditure—and this passion can sometimes cause friction between school leaders and their parent body.

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New Report Says Most Schools Don’t Have Adequate Cybersecurity Protocols

Business and Operations ● November 13, 2019

Technology has become a core element of how schools run, with electronic systems managing grading, inquiries and applicants, financial aid, and even student and employee records. With an electronic component in almost every aspect of school operations, do you feel confident that your school’s security infrastructure is on par?

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Three Tips for Evaluating Business Owners' Financial Aid Applications

Business and Operations ● November 12, 2019

When a family applies for financial aid and one or both parents own a business, it adds another level of complexity to your financial aid decision. It can be extremely difficult to analyze what amount of income a business owner’s family can put toward school tuition.

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