9 Reasons ISM’s Summer Institute Is the Only Professional Development You Will Need This Year

9 Reasons ISM’s Summer Institute Is the Only Professional Development You Will Need This Year
9 Reasons ISM’s Summer Institute Is the Only Professional Development You Will Need This Year

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May 23, 2021

After one of the toughest years on record for teachers and administrators alike, the last thing anyone needs is another up in the clouds, big picture professional development conference, where you leave wondering what you can use from what you were told.

Instead, you need concrete tips, road maps, and specifics on how to recover from and flourish in a post-pandemic education system. Every summer ISM offers 20+ topic-focused online workshops as a part of our Summer Institute.

Here’s why this real-life, expert, and data-led professional development will be the only one you need all year.

Reason #1—The pandemic taught us to abandon inefficient systems

Maybe your teachers found that old-fashioned student assessments are inferior to updated, high-technology options they used during quarantine.

But now, they need guidance on integrating the old methods with the methodologies they used in the 2020–21 school year. Where do you go from here? Summer Institute helps teachers, administrators, and Heads piece together a road map for what approaches they keep, and which should be left where they belong—in 2020.

Reason #2—First-year administrators and Heads need help prioritizing

Heads may not realize what first- or second-year Heads go through as they begin their leadership career post-tumultuous time. We are ready to help them prioritize, focus on budget, work with their Board, and enhance their school culture. We’ll examine the key details and relationships all new Heads must establish for future success.

(Summer Institute workshops help you look at the details—no question is too basic for our budget planning meetings!)

Reason #3—We will attack the T-word, everyone’s big post-COVID-19 question

Technology. Do you know how to purposefully integrate it after seeing both its possibilities and limitations through the pandemic?

Summer Institute experts have specific answers and perspectives on this, and want nothing more than to help you avoid the “here’s how to use technology for technology’s sake” vibe of professional development you’ve experienced in the past.

Instead, we will help you integrate tools to build on the goals you already have for students and staff—whether you continue to offer remote learning in the fall or not.

Reason #4—We don’t believe in static workshop environments

You’ll be an active participant—engaging, networking, and brainstorming with others in similar positions. Nobody needs another Zoom meeting where you zone out ten minutes in, only to end the call and wonder what the purpose was. Instead, you’ll have a conversation, rather than a “sit and get” information session. After all, this is how we want our students to learn, so let’s practice what we preach.

Reason #5—You won’t have to depend on your notes

After some professional development sessions, you may find yourself leafing back through your haphazard notes, wondering what you were thinking about at that time. Not here. We realize not all takeaways can (or should be) applied immediately. Some should be tucked away for reference when the time is right.

(Participants leave Summer Institute with access to a folder full of resources to refer to in the future.)

Reason #6—You will leave ready to make changes at your school

Participants leave Summer Institute seriously ready to make an impact in the areas they’ve discussed. It’s possible your school—and the relationships and systems within it—will never be the same. Tackle those big picture problems that have been nagging at you—you will finally have the resources and concrete steps to implement. Bring your colleagues along to share your excitement.

(ISM offers Team Pass pricing that makes Summer Institute even more accessible. Contact schoolsuccess@isminc.com.)

Reason #7—The cost of NOT attending is more expensive than the enrollment fee

We know ISM’s Summer Institute can be a significant investment for smaller schools—but we promise to deliver value in exchange. We pride ourselves on top-notch experts and cutting-edge data to inform the materials we are presenting.

Not having the research and access to progressive ideas will cost you more in the long run than the actual price of enrollment. Typically 2-3% of your operating budget should be delegated for professional development. We know this will make the best use of those dollars.

(ISM members save even MORE money. Click here to learn more about ISM membership.)


Tune in to live webinars every week during the school year to get specific, research-backed insight you can immediately apply at your school.


Reason #8—A teacher shortage may be imminent—this can help

Experts are predicting a serious teacher shortage in the next 4–10 years. College graduates continue to rethink the investment in their education isn’t justifiable with system-wide low salaries for teachers in public schools. As a result, we predict many teachers will explore private school systems after becoming dissatisfied with public schools—and they’re going to need support.

These teachers know how to teach (some are 20–30-year veterans looking for a change) but they need more context and information on the inner workings of private schools, and how they impact students and families. Most teacher orientations briefly glaze over the differences.

(With the help of Summer Institute, teachers making the transition will be more than ready for teacher orientation.)

Reason #9—This is not the year to focus on systemic changes, but relationships

Teachers are burned out. Administrators are beyond stressed. Everyone is hoping for a version of normal—a more traditional summer and upcoming school year. Instead of competing against this and trying to implement new systems and major changes, Summer Institute helps you focus on relationships now.

Together, we can help you eliminate the disconnect, the negative factors in your school culture, and offer encouragement with your students and staff.

(Summer Institute will prepare you to start the upcoming school year refreshed and ready to make lasting changes.)

To learn more about enrollment and the various sessions for Summer Institute 2021, click here.



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