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We offer comprehensive policies for both non-profit and for-profit organizations and corporations, specializing in private-independent schools and charter school programs. Our school policies have been created with schools in mind, tailored to protect the unique needs of administrators, students, and facilities.

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  • Workplace Violence Coverage. Available as an enhancement coverage to our D&O/EPL policy.
  • Cyber Liability Coverage. Includes both Internet, Security and Privacy along with the new enhancement of Social Engineering (not available in all states yet) by endorsement. Available as an enhancement coverage to our D&O/EPL policy.
  • Stand Alone Cyber Policy. This policy is the broadest coverage out there for the insured to purchase which offers multiple options to cover the insured's needs. Available as an enhancement coverage to our D&O/EPL policy.
  • Fiduciary Coverage. This coverage can be added for basic coverage by endorsement or, if a broader coverage is needed, offered as a stand-alone policy. Available as an enhancement coverage to our D&O/EPL policy, and as a stand-alone with completion of a separate application and IRS5500’S.
  • Sexual Misconduct Coverage. THIS COVERAGE IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR k–12 PRIVATE AND CHARTER SCHOOLS. This policy provides the insured with an extra $150,000 sublimit for defense costs that can be used toward their attorney fees. Available for an additional premium. Please note, a completed questionnaire is needed to see if the insured qualifies.
  • Educational Practice Wrongful Act Coverage. THIS COVERAGE IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR k–12 PRIVATE AND CHARTER SCHOOLS. This a key coverage a school needs to have in their D&O/EPL policy which protects the school for those types of circumstances.

Additional Selling Points

  • Jackson Lewis Hotline. This service is available 24/7. It connects licensed attornies to our insured to answer tricky risk management questions such as, how to terminate an employee correctly.
  • Stop-IT Program. THIS BENEFIT IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR SCHOOL CLIENTS. This is an extra resource to help answer questions on cyberbullying and other risks potentially threatening students.
  • For all new school clients, ISM is offering a free trial year of Silver Membership. This grants schools exclusive access to 40+ years of research-backed strategies and tools such as I&P online along with savings on workshops and publications.

Get paid first.

No more waiting for your commission! Simply send us the net amount of the invoice. (The only exceptions are our Student Accident and Foreign Property and Casualty programs.)

To learn more about how our Insurance Benefits can serve your organization, e-mail Andy Bobich, Specialty Liability Programs Manager, or call 302-656-4944 (ext. 361).