A flexible, comprehensive scheduling solution

Rely on nearly 50 years of scheduling experience and expertise to ensure your schedule maximizes your time, space, and personnel.

Your Schedule Must Meet Your School’s Needs

Nothing affects your students, teachers, programs, facilities, and time as much as your schedule. Managing it for peak efficiency requires web-based software that adapts to your needs. That’s where ScheduLogic comes in. ScheduLogic streamlines the scheduling process and guides you to make the most logical, informed choices at every step.


Take Control of Your Schedule

With ScheduLogic, you decide how you want to proceed during every phase of processing students into your schedule. It’s customized to fit your school’s needs and mission. You are finally in control.

Save Time and Money

Cut your time spent scheduling to a fraction of what it used to be. Process any number of faculty, students, rooms, periods, or terms—with no upsells, ever. Plus, customer training and support is 100% included.

Rely on an Expert Team

Your school has a unique vision and mission. Meet and exceed your school’s needs with our team by your side, helping you navigate the process with the right strategy, research, and support.

Key Features

Enjoy Unlimited Users

Web-based software that can accommodate unlimited users

Have Complete Flexibility

Accommodate any kind of schedule set up—terms, periods, etc.

Employ Multiple Tools

Several tools available to guide decisions and address conflicts and errors

See the Impact of Changes

Instantly see the effects of changes as you make them

Experience Program Flexibility

Program flexibility keeps placement options open as long as possible

Organize Singleton Courses

Quickly and effectively organize single courses using the Cluster Builder Tool to begin your scheduling process

Be Proactive

Conflicts and errors are handled proactively as they occur

Accommodate Drop/Adds

If "drop/adds" are required, all feasible moves are identified on one screen, and changes are made rapidly

Easily Import and Export Data

ScheduLogic works as a standalone product and can enhance any database or suite

Keep Detailed Logs

Changes to a student, teacher, or room schedule are logged

Balance Courses Simply

The program guides you to make the best section balances available

Manage Forced Placements

Course assignments cascade automatically when changes are made

How ScheduLogic Works

The program guides you through the scheduling process to make the most logical, informed choices at every step.


Step One: Data Gathering

This enables our team to review your information and hit the ground running.

Step Two: Analysis

Your information is entered in ScheduLogic and trials are built and conducted. We use this information to create the optimal schedule for you.

Step Three: Training

Your team spends three days with our ScheduLogic consultants. We help you develop your scheduling plan and perform a thorough analysis of your data and current processes so you can begin to schedule your school.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Effective Schedule

An effective schedule boosts student performance, family approval, and faculty culture, leading to better retention, stronger recruitment, and more robust fundraising! Plus, the per-student cost is less than the price of one upper school textbook.

Happier Students

Yield the highest percentage of students that get their first choice of subjects—leading to happier learners.

Supported Teachers

Ensure faculty are correctly utilized without overwhelming them—giving them stability and focus.

Content Administrators

ScheduLogic is perfect for beginner and expert schedulers—so your team will be happy with the ease of use and support.

I met with my Head of School to explain the obvious benefits of moving to ScheduLogic. When I showed him last year’s scheduling statistics compared to this year’s, he was blown away by the percentage of fully scheduled students we were able to achieve using ScheduLogic compared to our SIS.

Whitefield Academy, GA | Gold Member

Our high school has extremely limited space and we offer 401 different sections for our 457 students to take in 9 different carriers. With [ISM’s] vast expertise and brilliant insights, along with the seamlessness of ScheduLogic, we were able to build the base schedule in just one weekend. ScheduLogic made it easy to avoid teacher, room, and student conflicts.

The Dalton School, NY | Gold Member

There is no doubt that ScheduLogic has saved us time and money. In the days before ScheduLogic, the number of hours we spent scheduling was a nightmare. Now, within three days or so, I’ve done the entire process. That’s probably 10% of the time it used to take us. It’s a huge success for us.

Steward School, VA | Gold Member

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