Tuition and Financial Aid: A Guide For Private Schools

Tuition and Financial Aid: A Guide For Private Schools
Tuition and Financial Aid: A Guide For Private Schools

Tuition and financial aid are not about money. Tuition and financial aid are about mission. How do you use tuition and financial aid to sustain educational excellence over time? Tuition and Financial Aid: A Guide for Private Schools is your comprehensive resource guide to help you answer that critical question. This book provides solid research and proven techniques that will enable your school to remain viable and on mission.

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Learn how to:

  • Handle the implications of tuition and financial aid during your strategic financial planning
  • Set mission-based tuition specific to your school
  • Deal with hidden inflation
  • Announce tuition increases
  • Orchestrate tuition payments
  • Develop Board policy on financial aid
  • Budget for financial aid
  • And much more!

Tuition and Financial Aid does not—and cannot—tell you what your tuition rates should be. Nor does it tell you that a particular tuition rate is too “high” or too “low.” The book also does not dictate how much you should earmark for financial aid. But the guide will help your school charge the appropriate tuition and establish positive financial aid policies to keep it on solid fiscal footing for years to come.


  • Price, Product, or Process: How Do You Define Your School?
  • Your School’s Financial Equilibrium: The Three Levers 
  • Dealing with Hidden Inflation
  • Pricing, Affordability, and Accessibility
  • Strategic Financial Planning: Implications for Tuition and Financial Aid Determinations
  • The Budget Cycle
  • Tuition Setting
  • Announcing Tuition Increases
  • Orchestrating Tuition Payments


  • The Three Types of Financial Aid
  • Board Policy on Financial Aid
  • The Importance of Knowing Your Financial Aid Formula
  • Budgeting for Financial Aid: The True Cost
  • Tuition-Funded Financial Aid and Mission
  • Tuition Remission and Category Discounts 
  • Government Funding: Vouchers and Scholarships