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Get Ready For Summer Institute 2024

ISM Announcements // June 20, 2024

Summer Institute is back! Join us for another exciting year of learning, motivation, and collaboration. This year, we are focusing on building community. We welcome old and new faces as we strive to strengthen and support the independent school ecosystem. For those joining us for #SI2024, we look fo...

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Healthy Habits for Your Holiday Break

School Health and Wellness // November 30, 2023

The holidays are busy, packed with festive meals, family commitments, and fun outings. This extra hustle and bustle can make it challenging to maintain healthy habits—but that doesn't mean it's impossible. And if you're already feeling the stress of the holiday season, you're not alone. Sleepopol...

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Social Media Marketing for Private Schools: Tips to Consider During the Holidays

Marketing Communications // November 30, 2023

In December, some private schools consider taking a break from their social media posting strategy. Even though your students aren't in session during the holidays, your school’s social media marketing for private schools should stay active. To find out more, we talked to two leaders in private school education who have thought much about this topic—Penny Abrahams, ISM Senior Consultant, and Clint Losch, Outsourced School Solutions Digital Head of Marketing, to find out what they recommend.

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What’s Behind the Scroll? Decoding the Psychology of Social Media

School Health and Wellness // October 26, 2023

Social media is an integral part of modern life, especially for adolescents who use technology for everything from education to socializing. It provides 24/7 connectivity; at its best, it promotes creativity and community, and makes it easier for people to communicate and share information.

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Welcome to Our Newest Members

ISM Announcements // October 26, 2023

September was busy with lots of “first days” as schools started back for the year. Here at ISM we were busy introducing our newest members to all of the resources they’ll want to take advantage of in the coming year. Join us in welcoming our newest ISM members.

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Schools Create Videos for Fundraising and Engagement Campaigns

Fundraising // October 26, 2023

Creating content to inspire donations is a challenging feat for private school fundraisers. Donors want to know their contributions make a difference—they need to see a tangible impact on the school where their children invest their time. Conveying inspirational content with written messaging isn’t ...

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Key Elements of a Successful Campaign Plan

Advancement // October 26, 2023

For every school, the right preparation ensures a campaign's success. A campaign plan lays out the design and proposed steps for implementation: identify your prospects; engage your constituents; and solicit, recognize, and steward your donors. Your plan illustrates what the campaign will look like from establishing goals to achieving results.

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ChatGPT: Friend or Foe?

School Leadership // September 14, 2023

On December 5, 2000, the Daily Mail newspaper ran a headline that seems humorous today: “Internet ‘may be just a passing fad as millions give up on it’.” This headline is humorous because it was so wrong even at the time it was published—the internet had between approximately 400 million users by 20...

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Data Informed Decision Making with ISM’s Newest Offering: Unbound360

School Leadership // September 14, 2023

When used effectively, publicly available data can give your school valuable insight to help develop private school marketing and enrollment strategies and optimize fundraising efforts. Government sources, census reports, and other community data can include beneficial demographic information, in...

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