Tuition protection for you & your families

Tuition Protection for you and your families
Tuition Protection for you and your families

If a family suddenly withdraws, how do you protect their investment and your school at the same time?

Lean on a trusted partner to help protect families from large tuition balances after a withdrawal and your school’s hard income from unexpected unpaid tuition bills—Protect My Tuition: Tuition Insurance Coverage.

This coverage* helps protect your school and students in the event of a withdrawal or discharge from school, including:


Medical and voluntary withdrawal


Academic discharge


Disciplinary discharge


Job loss or death of the tuition payer


Job transfer of the tuition payer


Disease contamination

*Coverage is subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. Not available in all states.

Coverage & Benefit Highlights

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Flexible Plan Designs

Your school can choose a program that fits your needs and resources.

  • Inclusive: School purchases coverage for every enrolled student.
  • Mandatory: School purchases coverage for every student who does not pay their tuition in full upfront. Voluntary coverage is available for all other students.
  • Voluntary: School offers coverage to their students on a strictly voluntary basis.

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Simple Medical Release

Medical withdrawal requires a simple medical release form to be completed, and no hospital stay is required. Mental health is included in our definition of a medical withdrawal, with no separate coinsurance percentage.

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Customizable Coinsurance

We offer fully customizable coinsurance percentages from 0–100% for all causes of loss, except for voluntary withdrawal, which has a range from 0–70%. Choose the coverage items that are important to your school.

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Deductible Program

For schools interested in partially self-insuring their tuition risk, we can offer a large deductible program to cap your potential losses.


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Tuition Continuance Endorsement

Students can have a claim paid without having to withdraw from school in the event their tuition payer dies or loses their job.

Tuition Protection


Goals, Dreams, and Life—Uninterrupted

Consider this student—a straight-A senior and a star forward on your soccer team—on a monthly tuition payment plan. Unfortunately, the family’s income is drastically affected when the household provider loses their job. The student and their family fear that they cannot complete this school year; they are planning to leave to cut costs.

Not only does this student’s withdrawal negatively impact the student body, but you’re also losing a large tuition income. Imagine if you had multiple students in similar situations.

Luckily, you have Protect My Tuition: Tuition Insurance Coverage. With tuition insurance, you can offer your families protection from large balances after withdrawals and save your school’s hard income from unexpected deficits. And, with continuance endorsement, this student can stay in school and focus on their goals and dreams.