School Head
School Head

Do everything you can to support your school’s long-term viability.

Every decision you make must support your school’s mission—while doing what’s best for your students, parents, teachers, staff members, and community.

Great leaders can transform a school and take it to new heights. You and the decisions you make are a critical component of your school’s ability to deliver its mission with excellence.

Whether you want to ensure that all school functions run at peak efficiency or are considering implementing new strategies and initiatives, an ISM Consultant can be a trusted source of knowledge to increase the likelihood of long-term success.

Assess operations and put proven, research-based strategies into place that will support your mission for years to come.

Discover how ISM can help strengthen your school’s strategies.

For the school that wants to ensure its administrators and staff function at their highest capacity.

Gain valuable insight and specific recommendations on the appropriate Leadership Team structure for your school. ISM Consultants will analyze the current functional roles, how effectively work is delegated across functional roles, whether staffing is adequate, and the degree of cost efficiency. Use these recommendations to maximize efficiency, responsiveness, and effectiveness in each leadership area.

For the school desiring increased cash reserves, higher enrollment levels, and long-term stability.

Discover how your school can experience financial success now while ensuring the sustainability for the next generation of students. Work with an ISM Consultant to create a custom, mission-driven, six-year strategic plan that will guide all school decisions. The plan involves input from numerous constituencies and groups, focusing on the ISM Stability Markers® and their implications in your setting. Together your Board and senior administrators will assess market trends, community needs, research-driven insights, and more, while incorporating cost estimates and a timeline to bring your “ideal school" vision to reality. Your final strategic plan document will encompass financial planning (the strategic financial plan), facilities planning and management, enrollment management, development, and marketing.

For the school wanting to identify solutions and strategies to meet its immediate, short- and long-term operational goals.

It can be tough to effectively analyze your school’s operational strengths and challenges. Count on ISM Consultants for an experienced, research-based perspective. Discover how to identify and build on your school's strengths and establish benchmarks for improvements in areas where you are not meeting your goals. This can include a look at:

  • Board and Trustee characteristics
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Staff evaluation
  • Budget and finances
  • Tuition, scholarships, and financial aid
  • Fundraising programs
  • Plant and facilities

For the school that wants to develop a great culture where leaders, faculty, and staff deliver the mission with excellence to ultimately increase student performance, satisfaction, and enthusiasm.

School environments that are growth-focused, student-centered, and mission-based trust in leader, faculty, and staff professionalism to ultimately support a healthy school culture. This service can focus on helping your teachers grow and develop through three key focus areas: onboarding, growth and renewal, and evaluation. This service also includes the option to learn about ISM's growth and evaluation system for the School Head, school administrators, and staff.

Imagine having an Executive Coach who supported you every step of the way.

ISM Executive Coaches help school leaders identify and cultivate the essential attitudes, behaviors, and skills to successfully achieve specific goals or objectives. The Coach supports the School Head’s leadership development, which, in turn, supports the school's long-term success and improves the student experience. In addition to helping Heads achieve self-selected goals, coaching in educational settings can improve well-being, enhance resilience, increase hopefulness, build self-confidence, and support leadership development.


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"[Our Consultant's] organization of the process, expertise, perspective, and feedback made the strategic planning process efficient and enjoyable. This consultation was excellent professional development for all who participated. Our school Board and leadership found the strategic planning process energizing and critical to our school's success."

Jennifer Schoepf, Head of School | West Side Montessori, OH

“It’s tremendously valuable to know I’m engaging with somebody who was a School Head and has probably experienced something similar to what I am facing.”

Justin Zimmerman, Head of School | The Linsly School, WV