Student and Alumni/ae Surveys


Take the guessing game out of your decisions. Discover what your students truly think about the culture of your school.

Our student surveys reveal the truth about your student experiences, giving you the data needed to adjust your core curriculum and electives, improve upon your delivery of mission, and make informed decisions for your alumni's future success.

Student Surveys

Student Experience Survey

The SEP II is appropriate for students in grades 5 and above. This instrument measures students’ attitudes about the aspects of your school that ISM research has shown to be correlated with high student performance, satisfaction, and enthusiasm.

Student Satisfaction Survey

Learn what your students think about specific programs in your school, including delivery of mission, curriculum, schedule, pedagogical techniques, athletics, co-curricular programs, social environment, and more.

Student Alumni Survey

What’s your value-added? Get feedback from graduates about how your school's opportunities and experiences after graduation paid off in the end.

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