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Nonprofit Directors & Officers (D&O) including EPLI Coverage for Organizations*,

provides broad coverage for the entity and Directors, Officers, Trustees, employees, volunteers, and committee members.

Our Employment Practices Liability coverage is critical in protecting your company and employees from the potentially catastrophic costs of employment litigation. This comprehensive Employment Practices Liability coverage, specially designed for businesses, covers the spectrum of employment-related claims and offers a loss prevention program to minimize the rest of those claims.

  • Broad Definition of Insured:  Includes coverage for all past, present, and future Directors, Trustees, Officers, Employees, Volunteers, Staff members, Executive Board Members, Committee Members, and Leased employees. Spousal and Domestic Partner Coverage.
  • Broad Definition of Employment Practices Wrongful Acts: Includes wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, misrepresentation, failure to promote or employ, wrongful discipline, deprivation of career opportunities, failure to grant tenure, negligent evaluation, retaliation, mental anguish, emotional distress, invasion of privacy, libel and slander.
  • Broad Definition of Claims:  Includes written demands and administrative proceedings, which can be Monetary and Non-monetary Relief. Our definition also includes Arbitration Proceeding (excludes collective bargaining disputes). Form also includes Front/Back Pay Pre/Post Judgment Interest.
  • Full Prior Acts Coverage: Full prior acts coverage for any unknown circumstances. Our form does not have a retroactive date—it carries a prior/pending date.
  • Claims Made Policy: The policy is written on a duty-to-defend basis which means company attorneys will be appointed by the carrier to defend the Insured in event of a claim.
  • Cost of Defense Outside the Limit of Liability:  Cost of defense is provided in addition to the limit of liability. The Insurer assumes the duty to defend the claim, the expenses will not diminish the limit of liability. (In some cases, the retention may apply.)
  • Cost of Defense for Hour/Wage Claims: A $150,000 sublimit is provided for defense costs only to defend the wage and hourly claims. This is built into the wording of our form.
  • Discovery or Extended Reporting Period: Choice of one-, two-, or three-year option built into the wording.
  • Outside Directorship Coverage: Included in the wording to cover non-profit 501© 3 organizations for the Directors that are on multiple boards.
  • D&O/ EPL Risk Management Program: Available through the outside Law Firm of Jackson Lewis which includes a toll-free hotline for all your Directors and Officers/Employment Practices Liability basic legal questions.
  • Enhancements available for an additional premium: Fiduciary Coverage is available with the review of the fiduciary application and the IRS5500’s for either a shared limit or a separate limit; Workplace Violence Coverage with a $100,000 sublimit and Internet Coverage with a sublimit of a $1,000,000 shared limit.
  • Third Party Coverage: Coverage that expands to cover mental anguish and emotional distress to customers, clients or members of the organization for discrimination, sexual harassment, or violation of civil rights related to discrimination or sexual harassment. (Not available on all classes of business.)
  • Personal Injury Coverage: Provides coverage for mental anguish and emotional distress caused by Invasion of Privacy, Wrongful Entry, Eviction, False Arrest, False Imprisonment, Malicious Prosecution, and Libel and Slander. (Not available on all classes of business.)
  • Independent Contractors Coverage: Coverage that provides Employment Practices for qualifying independent contractors within the policy wording.
  • Workplace Violence Coverage: For business interruption, public image restoration, security, and well-being.
  • Entity Coverage: Includes coverage for ALL non-profit organizations and their non-profit subsidiaries in which the organization has 50% or more control.

Optional coverages that can be added:

Fiduciary Coverage

  • Separate application needed and the IRS5500’s
  • Choice of a shared or separate limit

Workplace Violence Coverage

  • Has a $100,000 sublimit
  • Endorsement covers loss for the following:
    • Business Interruption Expense
    • Public Image Restoration Expense
    • Security and Well Being Expense
    • Workplace Violence Expense
  • Choice of a shared or separate limit

Internet Activity Coverage

  • Has a $1,000,000 shared limit
  • Internet activity shall mean any display, transmission, dissemination, or other use of matter on an internet site


*Coverage is through an A rated carrier and not all coverage is available in all states. Please contact us for details of coverage options available in your state. We do not offer Property/ Casualty Liability or CGL Insurance.

To learn more about how our Insurance Benefits can serve your organization, e-mail Andy Bobich, Specialty Liability Programs Manager, or call 302-656-4944 (ext. 361).

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