Facilities Planning and Maintenance for Private-Independent Schools

Facilities Planning and Maintenance for Private-Independent Schools (Second Edition)
Facilities Planning and Maintenance for Private-Independent Schools (Second Edition)

Your school’s facilities and grounds often comprise the “first impression” visitors—including potential students and their families—experience of your institution. Proper facility design and maintenance are critical components in how your school is portrayed to constituents and the public, and reflect strongly on your overall program.

Facilities Planning and Maintenance for Private-Independent Schools pulls together key ISM articles addressing plant and campus management—from determining educational specifications for available classroom space to developing a campus master plan to envisioning your facility needs in coming decades and much more. Here you will find the core principles for designing and maintaining your facilities and campus—preserving and enhancing your school’s unique character and program!

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Learn how to:

  • Establish cost-effective, sustainable building solutions
  • Develop a checklist for a comprehensive long range property/facilities plan
  • Perform a facilities audit
  • Refine your deferred maintenance account
  • Identify steps to improve security on your campus
  • Provide for facilities rentals (and improve your auxiliary income)
  • Plan for and prepare your school grounds for outdoor learning opportunities
  • The 21st Century School: Facilities
  • Facility Planning and Future Needs
  • A Checklist for the Comprehensive Long Range Property/Facilities Plan
  • Cost-Effective, Sustainable Building Solutions
  • Replace, Repair, Renew: Why a Facilities Audit Helps
  • The Deferred Maintenance Account
  • Selling PPRRSM to the Board
  • Limited-Area, Moderate Cost Space Reconfigurations
  • Campus Master Plan Supports Good Decision-Making
  • A Maintenance Plan Extends the Useful Life of Facilities
  • The Role of the Board’s Building and Grounds Committee
  • Keep Evolving Program Needs on Your Facilities ‘Radar’
  • Land: Always Your School’s Best Investment
  • Land Acquisition Plans: Context and Action
  • Facilities: When You Run Out of Money
  • The Eight Steps of Facility Planning
  • Facility Design and Strategic Planning
  • Educational Specifications: The Foundation for the Facility of Your Dreams
  • Why Spend Educators’ Time Planning Facilities?
  • Construction in Your Future? Watch for Environmental and Zoning Issues
  • Construction Ahead: An Owner’s Representative Protects Your Interests
  • Reduce Construction Anxiety for Your School’s Neighbors
  • When Does It Make Sense to Hire an Architect?
  • How to Identify the Appropriate Architect for the Job
  • Facilities Projects: Get Organized!
  • Your School’s Facilities: Preserve and Enhance Their Unique Character
  • Facilities Rentals Yield Benefits—As Long As You Cover Costs
  • Planning School Grounds for Outdoor Learning
  • Classroom Acoustics and Learning
  • Streamline Your Housekeeping Services
  • Common Restroom Problems and Student Health
  • Your School’s Indoor Air Quality: Is It Hazardous?
  • Teams Keep an Eye on Campus Safety
  • Checklist Identifies Steps to Improve Security on Your Campus
  • Establish a ‘Key’ Policy/Security System
  • Facilities and Faculty Retention
  • Faculty, Facilities, and Technology
  • Facilities Management for the Year-Round School