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Three More Dimensions of Meaningful Professional Development

School Head ● December 2, 2018

We recently shared three dimensions that all meaningful professional development initiatives should share. Those three traits—intentionality, individuality, and lifelong—help ensure your leaders, faculty, and staff get the most knowledge and insight out of any learning opportunity. Today we’re following up with three more dimensions of meaningful professional development. Keep these in mind as you structure your learning programs and budget for teachers and administrators.

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New Research Shows Emerging Private-School Enrollment Trends

Private School News ● November 28, 2018

It’s a top priority for your school to maintain a healthy pipeline of mission-appropriate families so you will be able to serve students with excellence for years to come. To achieve this goal effectively, you must understand the landscape of private-independent school enrollment.

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Guidelines to Follow This Holiday Season

Private School News ● November 27, 2018

The holiday season is here in full force. It’s a time for gratitude, merriment, and celebration. But there are guidelines to keep in mind so that everyone finds it enjoyable.

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The State of Civics Education in the U.S.

Private School News ● November 26, 2018

Teaching civics is an important aspect of U.S. education. Many schools have a mission to develop their students into productive members of their communities and society. Civics education can support that mission and help children better understand the world around them.

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The Key Responsibilities of the Search Committee

Board of Trustees ● November 21, 2018

When your school begins the search for a new School Head, the Board should assemble a Search Committee to define and guide the search process, keep the search on task and on schedule, and move the search to closure.

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Three Leadership Missteps to Avoid

Academic Leadership ● November 15, 2018

All leaders have their own individual styles, and there is no single way to lead well. Your leadership style must be a unique blend of your personality and abilities servicing your school culture, values, and mission. However, there are some mistakes that all private-independent school leaders should avoid.

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How to Create a Flourishing Faculty Culture

Academic Leadership ● November 14, 2018

A healthy faculty culture is central to the success of a private school, regardless of its location, pedagogy, or leadership style. Teachers spend their days with your students, and a culture where teachers feel empowered and supported is inextricably tied to student and school performance.

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