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Three Dimensions of Strategic Academic Planning

Academic Leadership ● January 23, 2019

Strategic academic planning is a complex subject with no simple answers. Your school must construct your academic offerings in a way that best supports your mission, while also doing what’s best for your students. Consider these three dimensions of strategic academic planning as you continue to evaluate what makes sense for your school.

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Tips for the Perfect Admission Packet

Advancement ● January 14, 2019

Creating the perfect admission packet for your school requires careful thought. After all, what works for the school down the street may not work for yours—your school’s admission packet must reflect your school’s unique culture, beliefs, and mission.

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How to Safely Maintain School Employee Records

Business and Operations ● January 12, 2019

Many schools put tremendous effort into maintaining student records. However, there is sometimes less emphasis on maintaining and organizing proper employee records. It’s important to store your employee records appropriately for both organizational and audit purposes. Enstating a system that can be easily followed ensures current and future administrators can find the information he or she needs quickly, and helps protect your school from risk.

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How to Deal With a Difficult Parent During the Re-Enrollment Process

School Head ● January 8, 2019

You’ve probably run into parents who consistently refuse to follow the guidelines your Leadership Team has set. So how do you handle this situation? You don’t want to penalize a student for a parent’s behavior. But ultimately it’s your role to protect the school's long-term viability —and that includes ensuring you support a mission-appropriate culture.

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Three Social Media Tips for School Heads

School Head ● January 7, 2019

It’s your responsibility as School Head to lead by example, and help adopt trends to move your school forward. One area where you can have a tremendous impact is social media. Social media may feel like the elephant in the room for some leaders. You know people use it, many say it can have an impact, but you’re just not sure whether it’s useful (or how to get started). But social media isn’t going away.

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New Year, New Goals for Yourself and Your School

Private School News ● December 22, 2018

As 2018 quickly comes to a close, now is the perfect time to set goals for 2019. Goal setting is immensely important for overall success—both personally and professionally. After all, if you’re not setting goals, how will you know what to reach for?

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The Signs of Athletic Burnout

Private School News ● December 21, 2018

It’s estimated that 25 million student athletes participate in sports between the ages of five and 20. With statistics like this, it’s safe to conclude that sports are a huge part of the student experience. But burnout is becoming more common among student athletes. Here are signs and how to help students cope.

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