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How to Conduct a “Return to Work” Debrief

Business and Operations ● September 20, 2020

Part of your “return to school” plan probably involved speaking with faculty and staff about how they could return to work fairly and safely, regardless of whether or not your campus would re-open for in-person instruction. Now is the time to reflect on those conversations.

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Five Do’s and Don’ts When Working With Volunteers

Fundraising ● September 13, 2020

As an Admission or Development Director, it would be nearly impossible to do your job without the help and support of volunteers. The quality of your volunteers’ experiences with your school makes a profound difference in their ability to accomplish their given tasks and their willingness to volunteer again. Follow these “do’s and don’ts” when supporting your volunteers.

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Four Steps for Cultivating Better Relationships With BIPOC Students

School Heads ● September 13, 2020

The relationships between your school and your students do not begin and end with admission and graduation. Recruiting, retaining, and engaging students and alumni is only successful when time and effort is put toward lasting, ongoing relationships. When it comes to building relationships with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) students, you must lead with intentionality and genuine drive to see these students thrive. Your school must develop a framework for enrollment management, marketing, and development that effectively engages your BIPOC community.

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Create a Strategic Development Committee Agenda for the Year

Fundraising ● August 23, 2020

Your strategically focused Board of Trustees is key to making your development programs effective and sustainable. When your Board centers on decision-making that is future-focused and viability-motivated, your school not only prospers, but you can also inspire your donors and prospects to commit philanthropic dollars to your school.

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Fall 2020 Reopening Plans Are a Sophie’s Choice

School Heads ● August 23, 2020

We explore the potential impact of both distance learning and returning to campus amid a global pandemic on student well-being. As an organization, we predict the potential high frequency of the stops and starts of in-person learning may ultimately have a greater negative impact on educational continuity and student health and safety than a full distance learning program. While every school is ultimately responsible for its individual choices, consider the following as you evaluate your options for education delivery this fall.

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Creating a More Equitable and Inclusive School Environment

School Heads ● August 16, 2020

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work should not be a short-term messaging change to address recent events, nor should it be limited to schools that have been asked to or seen a need to address these issues. DEI work at an institutional level is necessary for the sustainability of all independent schools in a competitive market.

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